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Want to Travel to Florida? Here are some Helpful Tips


Florida's charm can't be denied. From its remarkable natural beauty to its cultural diversity, Florida has plenty of things that make it a place where tourists flock to every year.

When planning a trip, it's essential to do your research and plan ahead. Research the best times of the day and year for the weather to be most favorable, as well as how you will travel. Here are a few key tips to help you plan ahead and travel to the Sunshine State!

Why travel to Florida?

Florida is home to many different cities and wildlife. With so many attractions, it is no wonder the state is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US.

The Sunshine State is one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans, with over 80 million visitors in 2020. The US's largest city, Miami, has an estimated population of over 450,000 residents and attracts millions of visitors annually.

The state has many beautiful beaches, historic sites, and national parks. Florida is one of America's most popular tourist destinations, with attractions like Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Kennedy Space Center. Now that you've had a quick overview of the wonders here, how about a few tips you can use to make the most of your travels to this vibrant state.

Don't miss the usual attractions if you have children

Whenever possible, visit the key sites first if you have children before moving to other terrific locations in the state. No matter how old you are, it's definitely worth checking out favorite attractions like Disneyland and  Universal Studios.

Many of these exciting places are located in Orlando, which is considered the home to many of these most popular attractions. Some of the best things to do in Orlando for children include visiting the Magic Kingdom Park, where you can see all manner of exotic animals, and Legoland, where you can join in the fun and unleash your inner child! Book out ahead of time a good section of your journey to dedicate to these attractions. This involves making sure ahead of time that you have reservations in the associated hotels for several days while having fun. 

Even though it appears to be less expensive to stay off-site, there are many other aspects to consider. You'll indeed find cheaper hotels if you travel further from the theme parks, but consider the additional fuel costs and the time wasted in traffic; no need to add to the high price of the theme parks. Once you determine which theme parks to visit first, set aside several days to have fun before moving elsewhere to finish the rest of your holiday. Staying near the exciting things will also earn you parent points!

Take in the natural beauty

Although Florida is synonymous with Disney for most families, there are many more beautiful places to visit in Florida. A journey to the Florida Keys is a must for any family that enjoys culture and scenic wonders. Panama City Beach, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Anna Maria Island, and Miami are all excellent cities to visit with your family. Expand your horizons to include different activities and destinations in Florida that you may not have previously considered. Florida has so much more to offer than meets the eye! 

Did you know that Florida is home to the world-famous Everglades National Park, a subtropical forested wetlands area of South Florida? It is one of the most ecologically diverse regions globally and is home to many rare species of plants, animals, and insects, including the famous Manatee. The Everglades is America's only true subtropical wetland ecosystem that exists in its entirety within the United States. It is best seen using an airboat that uses a large propeller mounted above the water to prevent injury to wildlife.

Plan your packing based on the season you will travel

Florida has a variety of weather throughout the year, including humid summers and dry winters. The climate is subtropical, with warm winters, hot summers, and wetter conditions inland. Mother Nature has a mind of her own at times, and the weather in Florida can be unpredictable. Summer gear is a must, but don't forget to bring a light rain jacket for those times that you will be by the open seas. You should also remember to bring lots of sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and comfy footwear. You'll be doing a lot of walking in Florida since there's so much to see and do, and the last thing you want is to get heatstroke. Keep an umbrella or two in your luggage that you may carry with you during the day if you have room, or at least be sure to purchase one when you arrive. Florida is notorious for its afternoon showers, and walking around town drenched isn't a pleasant experience. You should also avoid booking your trip during the hurricane season, which generally lasts from June to November.

Take a stroll along some of the world's most famous beaches

Florida is also one of two states that border both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and has more beaches than any other state in America, including Hawaii and California. In fact, Florida's beaches are one of the most popular destinations in the world. They have been a favorite destination for visitors for decades. You should take time out of your schedule to relax and enjoy the beautiful blue waters at one of the many sandy beaches in the area.

Live it up in Miami's cosmopolitan melting pot

Miami is a city that has a bustling nightlife and white sand beaches. It is home to some of the best food in Florida and has become an international destination for travelers. Miami's signature style of architecture, music, and art make its residents feel like they're living in paradise. It also benefits from a distinctively Latin flavor, making it even more appealing to those from the more hegemonic parts of the country.

If you are planning on visiting Florida, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine, the pristine beaches, the friendly people, and the warm weather. There is no doubt that you should spend some time in the more famous locations, especially if you have children. However, don't ignore the other parts of this state that make it so captivating.


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