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US Small Towns and Cities that are Thriving and Will Continue to Do So


By looking at the fastest-growing towns and cities in the US, we can gain a good idea of which places are thriving the most. 

According to data from the US Census Bureau, the following five small towns and cities have been growing the quickest between 2010 and 2019 – and they look set to continue to thrive over the coming years.

Herriman, Utah

In terms of population alone, Herriman in Utah is undoubtedly the fastest-growing city in the country.

 Between 2010 and 2019, Herriman more than doubled its population. In 2019, there were 51,348 residents living in the city, and that number has significantly increased since then.

 With beautiful mountain views, plenty of parks and recreation areas, and a fairly low crime rate, it is perhaps no wonder that Herriman is thriving.

Leander, Texas

Due to its proximity to Austin, the city of Leander has been thriving in recent times.

Many people who work in Austin now commute twenty-five miles from Leander. And with businesses thriving in Austin and in Texas in general, we can expect to see its current 76,000 residents being joined by more in the near future.

Indeed, new stores and other places of business seem to regularly open up in Leander, so the business scene is also thriving.

 And if you want to research popular store openings and re-openings in the city, or anywhere else in the US, you can easily do so by using platforms like Openings24.

Little Elm, Texas

Three of the fastest-growing towns and cities in the US are located in Texas. Next on the list is Little Elm. The small city doubled its population between 2010 and 2019, and it is still growing.

 And seeing as property prices are pretty affordable in Little Elm, it is no wonder that the population is rising and businesses are thriving in this Texan location.

 The fact that the little city is home to the lovely Little Elm Beach is also a reason why many people are choosing to make Little Elm their home.

Forney, Texas

Forney, which is known as the “Antique Capital of Texas,” is the fourth fastest-growing place in the country. In fact, the small city’s population grew by a whopping 97% between 2010 and 2019.

 Forney has an excellent number of thriving businesses, including restaurants, stores, and, of course, antique shops. Furthermore, it is within commuting distance of Dallas.

Bluffton, South Carolina

A few miles north of Savannah, Georgia, in South Carolina, you will find the fifth fastest-growing town or city in the US: Bluffton.

 Between 2010 and 2019, the town’s population grew by 96%. And with historic buildings, a plethora of art galleries, and a number of wonderful stores, to mention just a few of the businesses that are thriving in the town, it is clear that Bluffton is doing well and attracting more new residents all the time.

Indeed, Bluffton looks set to continue to thrive over the coming years. Although, traditionally, the town has been mostly popular with retired people, it is now attracting many young people and families.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know which small towns and cities in the US are growing quickly and thriving, and look set to continue to thrive over the next decade and beyond, you may want to consider moving to one of the locations listed above.

 Property prices are still affordable in many of the locations. Also, businesses are thriving in all of the aforementioned towns and cities, so you shouldn’t have to struggle to find work.

Having said that, as a resident of wonderful Apopka, you might want to stay put so you can enjoy the thriving and beautiful place where you already live.

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