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Triumph on DFS Basketball with these Top 5 Proven Strategies


By Dara Cruz

Daily Fantasy Basketball is a game of opportunity to maximize your allotted money and come up with a roster of players that accumulate high stats. What entices people to play is the challenge of coming up with different ways to reach the goal.

Since it is a nightly sport, the game is predictable yet dynamic. The action will likely be head-to-head, so you may want to play in daily fantasy platforms that offer consistency, a considerable number of games, and allow you to hand-pick your opponents for a higher chance of winning. You can also earn money while playing. Although, it’s up to you to come up with your strategy and approaches based on the state of NBA games.

However, plenty of experts have proven that preparation is key to winning. Here are solid tips to help you prepare and build a next-level lineup and achieve success in the league's championship this coming season.

Factoring Minutes Per Game

Minutes per game may not be the all-end factor in winning DFS NBA, but it matters because of the strong correlation between fantasy points and minutes on the floor. The more time a player spends on the court, the higher opportunity he gets to accumulate stats.

It is also useful and advantageous when selecting backups and starting lineups. It’s best to identify starting players that can show dramatic spikes in minutes and can be counted on to play more than 30 minutes per game. However, a suitable backup is equally important because they will carry a more significant workload once the starters are injured or resting.

Analyzing the Usage Rate

It’s also crucial to consider a player’s usage rate. Usage rate refers to the estimated percentage team plays used by the player when the ball is in his possession or when he is on the court. The higher the given opportunity for a player to score, the better chance they have of scoring.

You should also analyze the usage rate and how it fluctuates concerning other players that are on or off the court. Analyzing the usage rate is substantially useful, especially if a key player is injured or missed a game. You should also find out how other players in the team flared during the season despite the key player’s absence. Keep in mind that the vital players impact the court time and performance of their teammates.

Injuries Are Opportunities

Don’t forget to figure out reserves that will take the more prominent role when a starter or key player gets injured and misses time. Injuries are inevitable, especially in the NBA's grueling regular season, and there are sure to be many in the next ones. It’s best to know the best suitable backup to keep your team going.

Keep in mind that when a low-salary reserve is on a starting lineup, he remains at the top value for several weeks before his price increases. You can capitalize on this circumstance as much as possible. In DFS NBA, it’s a favorable moment to bargain shopping.

Pay Up At The Right Positions

Also, note that the top-scoring NBA DFS lineups aren’t always about getting the high valued players. You can also bank on low-value ones, depending on the position. Knowing the right position to pay up is critical.

Most of the time, there’s a limited number of high-quality point guards. Thus, it is crucial to pay up on most nights. Keep in mind that it isn’t worth rostering for a low-priced forward with a maximum of 30 points than a high-priced forward who might put up twice the points.

It's also advisable to roster more affordable shooting guard and small forward due to the lack of depth for the league. It often makes sense to go cheap so that you can load up on more essential positions.

Take in Back to Backs

It’s also essential to consider how a player performs during a back-to-back game. Some won’t be affected when playing the second game back-to-back, while others will have a toll on their overall performance. Some even restrict veteran players from playing in the second game of back to backs.

Also, the amount of rest a player had before entering the game will massively impact his performance. You may also want to consider the rest time before adding the player in your lineup as rest time affects each player differently. You can put a vital player at the second game of the back-to-back game to give him ample time to rest and perform better than placing him on the first one.


There you have it! These are the top 5 proven strategies to help you improve your odds and eventually triumph the DFS NBA games this season. Make sure to consider these every time you play. It will only be a matter of time before you achieve success.

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