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Top Benefits of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Training


By Jujare Rajesh

PRINCE2® is a certification program that stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments. This certification program is designed to train individuals to become better program managers and spearhead the project and lead it to success. PRINCE2 is a globally recognized certification that makes sure that every individual develops firm knowledge in project management, making sure that the techniques taught are recent and applicable to multiple scenarios.

What are the levels of PRINCE2 certification available?

The entire certification course is split into two qualification levels. They are the PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner training and certification. The Foundation level is merely an introduction to what the methodology entails, its principles and processes. With this, one can manage and deliver projects with minimum risk and budget while maintaining quality and time. It also teaches the learner problem management.

The practitioner level teaches the individual to not only manage and deliver projects but also to use these principles for various scenarios and cater to every possible situation, making it that much more useful.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2?

Some of the benefits of PRINCE2 certification include:

1. Better project management skills

The foremost reason to take up the PRINCE2 course is to improve one’s skills in project management. The course and certification use a specific plan and method to best manage a situation. It is especially useful in situations where large numbers of people are involved. By the end of it, one learns the methodology, frameworks and some common procedures and systems that are used in the field. With this, one can plan initiate, manage and execute projects very well. Having the knowledge of this system will definitely aid in being able to work with multiple solution options.

2. Stepwise certification

PRINCE2 has a feature that makes it very unique from other certification courses wherein the entire certification course need not be attempted in one go. One can choose to attempt and prepare for the foundation exam only in the beginning. This provides the comfort of getting used to the studies and the cost before jumping into the big commitment of a PRINCE2 practitioner certification. While doing the foundation certification, one also receives an overview of what it comprises and what is to be expected from it.

3. More adaptable

When compared to other project management programs like PMP, IPMA etc., PRINCE2 has a strong emphasis on what the methodologies and the steps are rather than the minute details of the tasks. This makes sure that one understands the text and the essence but need not follow it to the nitty gritty. It also allows a better level of adaptability than the other courses thus making it more applicable to a wide range of projects.

4. Recognition

The PRINCE2 certification is a project that is globally recognized and developed by the IT sector of the UK government. This certification has become a prerequisite in many firms and companies prior to employment. Not only are the private sectors recognizing it, the government and public sectors also use it extensively which has led to its global recognition and acceptance. Another important reason for its largescale recognition is the fact that the scheme is so well-planned that the rate of failure is very low. Its high rate of success has also brought a large amount of due recognition in the IT departments.

5. Versatility

PRINCE2 provides the versatility of being able to join any industry and apply the methodology to it. It is not industry-specific, and this increases its scope to much larger groups compared to other certification programs.

6. Better job opportunities

Considering the recognition that it brings; it is obvious that someone with the PRINCE2 qualification will have a better chance at opportunities in various firms as compared to non-certified peers. The competition for the role of the project manager is pretty high since the pay is also high. Having said this, the companies, while employing someone for this role, will look for a better credential. PRINCE2 qualification automatically places the person on top of the list and will allow him/her to be noticed by the firm much quicker than otherwise. It also brings better opportunities and higher positions. In some places, it might even be a necessity.

7. Better salary

Research proves that those who have completed the PRINCE2 certification are better qualified to earn more than those who are not certified. Their dedication towards the post is noticed and the work is automatically better. Hence the pay also increases by a lot. This brings professional growth much quicker than otherwise.

PRINCE2 Practitioner salaries

Roles Currency Salary Range
IT Support Officer US Dollar 49,800
Associate Project Manager US Dollar 54,700 - 72,400
Program Manager Indian Rupee 1,471,850-1,471,900
Service Delivery Manager Pound Sterling 50,000
Project Manager Pound Sterling 50,000

PRINCE2 Foundation salaries

Roles Currency Salaries Range
IT Service Delivery Specialist US Dollar 27,000-27,100
Technical Project Manager US Dollar 106,000-106,100
Junior Service Delivery Manager Pound Sterling 30,200-30,300
Junior Project Management Officer (PMO) US Dollar 59,400-59,500
Project Support Officer (PSO) US Dollar 97,000 - 107,000

8. Confidence boost

After the certification course, the individual is well-versed with multiple approaches and knows many methodologies to handle projects of different varieties. This builds confidence which further makes the performance better. To be a project manager, confidence is vital, and this comes when one is sure that one can handle the case. Considering that the PRINCE2 course provides a systematic approach and has a good recognition and face value as well, it can be called a great confidence boost that lives up to the name.

9. Simple procedures

This one is more like an added bonus with the PRINCE2 certification course. Unlike other project manager posts, this one is pretty simple when it comes to application and certification. One simply needs to apply for the training, and once it is completed, take the exam and qualify for it. Once this is done, the certification is in your hands and can be used to apply wherever required.

10. Implementation for the entire organization

Another good way to improve the efficiency of the entire team is by implementing all the methodologies learnt on the whole team. Educating them on how the project can be handled will make the approach much smoother. It provides a consistent approach that can move seamlessly, and everyone would be on the same page with regard to the progress of the project. This also provides a good way to increase the skills of all the staff at all levels.

Now that you know the benefits of the PRINCE2 training and certification program, you would definitely agree that it is just as important for your resume as it is for your work. The skills and practical application are plenty and all this requires is a little bit of time and effort to complete it. It is a great way to upgrade your skills and reach better job security. Apply now for the training and examination and make maximum use of this course.

Jujare Rajesh is a Certified Digital marketer with 4.5 years of experience in Seo, Inbound Marketing, Smo, Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing. Industries served include E-commerce, Manufacturing, Real-estate, Education and Marketing Agency.

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