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Top 5 Successful Online Blackjack Strategies


By Leah Shepherd

Blackjack is a casino card game with roots going back to the 1700s. Today, it’s among the most popular playing options on online platforms. The goal in the game is to beat the dealer. You do that by ensuring the total card value in your hands is closer to 21 than his combination. The trick is you can’t have a value over 21, or you immediately get busted, eliminating you from the round.

Although that sounds simple, many players don’t have much success in blackjack. That’s where this guide can help, as it reveals five fantastic strategies that increase your odds of winning. Check out these tips and apply them to become a better blackjack player!

Get to Know the Rules and Different Game Variations

If you want to play blackjack online, the first step is to pick a trustworthy casino. Once you choose a reliable provider, you can try different game versions. You’ll find variations like Perfect Pairs or Switch. The basic rules are identical, but each option offers a different twist. For example, Blackjack Switch allows you to play with two hands simultaneously.

The best way to see which version fits you best is to try them all. If you are a newbie, starting with the classic version could be a smart choice. Once you feel comfortable with it, proceed to different variations to see which fits your gaming style. As time passes, you’ll feel more comfortable with the game itself. Once you understand how everything works, try some of the strategies offered below.

Strategy #1: Learn Which Cards (Not) to Split

Among other actions, blackjack allows you to split your hand. Once you receive the initial two cards, check out their values. You have the option of separating the cards into two playing hands. That will require an extra wager for the additional hand. However, it could give you better odds of winning in that round.

The statistics indicate you should always split an “A, 8” hand. The Ace might be the best card to get in the initial deal. If you split this hand, it opens the option of grabbing a new card that will land a blackjack. The move you make with the hand containing the “8” will depend on the dealer’s cards. If you manage to beat the dealer, the odds are you’ll have two winning hands.

Veteran players also suggest you shouldn’t split a “10, 10” or “5, 5” hand. The pair of tens immediately gives you a value of 20, which secures decent chances against the dealer. Splitting them can be a huge risk. As for the 5s, common sense implies you shouldn’t split them. Unless you are fortunate, the chances of landing a total value close to 21 are slim.

Strategy #2: Take Advantage of the Pair of 9s

A pair of 9s might not seem like an attractive hand. It depends on the dealer’s card strength. If you notice a “7” as their upcard, you have good odds with 9s. They give you the total value of 18, and the opponent will need two cards to outvalue that. Pulling two cards is likely to lead to a bust, which secures your victory.

Strategy #3: Find a Game That Requires the Dealer to Hit Soft 17

Playing online is different from visiting a gaming facility in Florida or another location. Even the exact rules depend on the website and the game chosen. You should utilize that and find a blackjack variation where dealers must hit when they get a soft 17.

Check out the strategies to apply at those tables:

  • You can double “A, 7” whenever you see a “2” in your dealer’s hand.
  • A hard 11 in your hand (“5, 6,” or a similar combination) also allows doubling down with the good chances of winning.
  • Did you notice the dealer’s upcard is a 6? If you have an “A, 8,” this is the situation where you should double down.

Here is another strategy to use at any table – start by checking if the upcard of your opponent is “5” or “6.” If yes, and you receive an Ace, double down on all combinations from “A, 2” to “A, 7.”

Strategy #4: When You Should Always Ask for Another Card

Did you notice the upcard shown by the dealer is a “2” or a “3?” If the total value of your cards is 12, you shouldn’t hesitate to hit. You might worry about busting, but hitting in this situation proved to be a better long-term approach.

Another situation to ask for an extra card is when the dealer’s upcard is “A,” “10,” or “9.” If that’s combined with an “A, 7” in your hand, choose to hit. Receiving another card could significantly improve your odds, and there’s no worry about busting involved.

Strategy #5: Know When to Surrender

The mission in blackjack is to win in the long run. If you are out of luck in a particular round, it’s better to control your losses and move on. That’s why knowing when to surrender is important. The experts indicate hard 15s and 16s have the lowest chance of winning. If it seems like the dealer is in a better situation, it’s another reason to surrender. By not pushing your luck, you control losses and wait for the right hand to profit.

Final Thoughts

Newbies often consult basic strategy charts and rely on statistics to determine their best move. While it’s important to trust your gut occasionally, it’s also wise to play consistently. The strategies mentioned above should increase your winning odds. The approach you select will ultimately depend on your playing style. So, don’t hesitate to try blackjack and discover what type of player you are!

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