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Tips For Building Lean Muscles Faster and Reverse the Aging Process


By Jane Lucas

Do you want to hold on to your youth? Aging experts agree that exercise is one of the best ways to make your golden years more enjoyable and healthier. According to a recent study, researchers discovered that HIIT and endurance exercises increase telomerase activity, which enables cell growth and cell replication. Therefore, exercises are the fountain of youth.

Whether you call it resistance, strength, or weight training, your body will benefit from exercises and building lean muscles. Building a strong core and limbs will help to prevent falls and other injuries. Although aging causes loose muscles, building lean muscles can help build stronger bones.

But how can you build lean muscles? Continue reading and learn the steps you can take to build your lean muscles faster.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important habit if you want to build a lean body mass. To begin with, it makes it easier to maintain other muscle-building habits. Sleeping for at least eight hours every night will give you the energy you need for your workouts. Additionally, you will be able to plan for your meals more effectively. Getting enough sleep also gives your body enough time to repair damaged muscle tissues. A Brazilian study revealed that skimping on shuteye decreases protein synthesis, which causes muscle loss.

Always eat your breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most important meal. It gives you a burst of energy and keeps you full until the next meal. According to WebMD, eating breakfast also sets a trend of eating healthier. Therefore, if you’re trying to build lean muscles, try to include healthy foods in your breakfast, like smoothies, omelets, and cottage cheese.

Take a protein shake before you go to bed

You sleep for at least eight hours, which means this is the longest fasting period. However, to build lean muscles, you need to maintain metabolic functions during this time. When sleeping, your body produces cortisol, which is a hormone that enhances the disintegration of muscle protein. This explains why your cortisol levels are often up when you wake up. To reduce cortisol, you need to take a protein shake right before you go to bed. After all, protein helps you to sleep better.

Train more frequently

If you only want to maintain your muscles, then you can hit the gym twice a week. However, if you want to add more lean muscles, then you should increase your training frequency to about five times per week. Although the sessions will be a bit shorter to allow muscle recovery, increased exposure to training stimulus will help you pack on mass.

Focus on big lifts

Compound movements like deadlifts, squats, pullups, and overhead presses utilize more muscle, and they help deliver more muscle-building benefits. What’s more, you’ll be able to load on more weight during exercises. Remember, moving more weight is a great way to add more body mass.

Add supplements

Although supplementation isn’t necessary for everyone, it will help to improve performance and to plug some of the nutritional holes. Things like fish oil, creatine, workout shakes, multi-vitamins, and a fat burner stack have proven to help with performance, strength, and recovery. While the effects of these supplements aren’t instant, if you haven’t tried them before, they’re worth looking into.

Eat frequently

If you want to build lean body mass, then you should consider eating five to eight times every day. This means that you should eat after every two to four hours. Additionally, ensure that you’re eating the right foods at the right time. Consider eating your normal meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the usual time, but interspersed with post-workout meals, pre-bed, and some snacks in between.

Increasing your food intake means that you will not be as hungry. This is better because eating smaller meals often helps to decrease the size of your stomach than eating a few big meals. Therefore, you’ll feel full quickly after every meal, and this will help to trim your waist size. Additionally, you will have fewer cravings.

According to Piedmont, not eating something for long periods will cause you to overeat at your next meal, or you may find yourself snacking unhealthily from vending machines. The most suitable way to stop your food cravings is to eat more frequently and at fixed times of the day.

Eat more whole foods

To build your body muscles faster, ensure that 90% of your food intake consists of whole foods. These are unrefined and unprocessed foods that are more close to their natural state. Such foods can include eggs, fresh meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, pulses, rice, and oats.

Processed foods often contain trans-fats, added sugars, nitrates, sodium, corn syrup, and more chemicals. Some of the processed foods include fruit bars, bagels, pizza, cereals, sausages, cookies, and frozen meats.

Drink water

Similar to how your body needs macro and micronutrients, it also needs the right level of electrolytes and fluids to function optimally. Exercising will cause loss of water through sweating, and this can impair muscle recovery. Drinking water helps to prevent dehydration. What’s more, drinking water can prevent hunger because dehydration may make you feel hungry.

Avoid stress

Stress increases cortisol, stress hormone, and it breaks down your skin’s collagen. All these accelerate the aging process, which means you will look older than you are. Additionally, stress can make you sick, and it can increase your fat gain. To prevent all these nasty things, especially over your physique, set short and long-term goals, stay consistent, and you’ll get the results you desire.

Apart from avoiding and preventing stress, your attitude is also crucial. Attitude is essential in anything you do, and it can help you succeed. In fact, a mediocre training program that is done with an enthusiastic and committed attitude is much better than a good program that is done half-assed. Therefore, always walk into the gym happy and determined, and you’ll eventually achieve your lean body mass goals.

If you want to gain weight, you should consider building your lean muscles. Building lean mass has several benefits, including reversing the aging process and giving you an athletic physique. Additionally, exercises can help boost your confidence, improve your health, and increase your life enjoyment.

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