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COVID-19 in Florida

Three years of COVID-19 and it's still here


It was three years ago this week when Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on a Sunday evening, March 1, 2020, that “two individuals” in Florida tested “presumptively positive” for a coronavirus called COVID-19.

It would become a global pandemic, with millions of people becoming ill or dying.

Many people have moved on from COVID, shedding masks and getting rid of social distancing and other measures and mandates. And not everyone is doing vaccines and boosters anymore.

But the numbers still show a dramatic picture.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported these numbers, as of Feb. 28 globally:

“There have been 758,390,564 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 6,859,093 deaths. A total of 13,228,728,467 vaccine doses have been administered.

As to the United States, the WHO figures show 102,019,564 confirmed COVID cases and 1,109,145 deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 103,499,382 COVID cases and 1,117,856 deaths.

As to Florida, the state Department of Health reports cumulative COVID cases at 7,473,371 and 86,294 deaths. That’s an analysis in mid-February. The department releases COVID data every two weeks. (The CDC reports Florida as 7,528,420 as of March 2, and 86,460 total deaths.)

The highest case numbers have been in urban enclaves, with 1,531,478 cases in Miami-Dade; followed by 766,482 in Broward, 475,077 in Palm Beach; 475,020 in Hillsborough and 470,873 in Orange County, according to the health department’s analysis.

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  • MamaMia

    We actually don't get accurate data on the COVID deaths. Some of the deaths were not reported because of coverups, others not reported for other reasons. My mother, who passed away back in 2006, had a family member, her first cousin, in another state, and we communicated back and forth several times a year, since my mother passed away. She was an older lady whose husband had been dead for many years. So she was my cousin too, and she had adult children, who are my cousins also, but I haven't communicated with them in ages, or even know their whereabouts. Eventually, the lady, their mother, went into an assisted living home, and passed her own home to one of her kids. I would write her letters, and she would write me back. We would call each other, keep in touch, and send birthday cards, and Christmas cards back and forth She would tell me about how she loved getting together with the others to play board games for prizes. Well, my last letter to her went unanswered. I couldn't understand why. I phoned the facility, and all they would tell me was that she wasn't there anymore. I begin to think her adult children had moved her from there, to either another assisted living center, or maybe to a nursing home. I talked to another family member of mine, and they didn't know, but said I shouldn't worry about it. I called again, and asked the assisting living center had she passed away, and they would not tell me anything! They said to ask her family, and I told them, I AM her family! Long story short, I started researching the state database of obits, and there was her obit. I knew something was going on. This was during the height of the COVID pandemic. I don't know that is what she died from, but I am very suspicious, as the COVID was plaguing the nursing homes and assisted living homes at that time. You would think, they could at least tell a person that their loved one had passed away, maybe not the cause, but at least, of their death.

    Wednesday, March 8, 2023 Report this