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Things You Should Stay Away From When You're Driving: Stay Safe


By Allen Brown

Road accidents are unfortunately more common than we realize and they are usually easily preventable too. A lot of precautionary measures that you can take as a driver are often quite obvious. However, people may take these “driving don’ts” for granted. Here are a few things that you should stay away from while driving.

The Exhausted Driving Spree

When you are trying to drive while exhausted it is an unpleasant and risky feat. In fact, it can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. When you are sleepy, the reaction time slows down greatly and you are more likely to dose off without even realizing it. Even a few seconds’ time off may make the difference in life or death on the road. If your body is tired, it is going to get the rest it needs even if you want otherwise. So, it is better to get some rest before you hit the road, this way while you may be a little late to your destination, you will be driving safely.

Speeding Down the Road

Too often the obvious, but important, gets easily forgotten, so we're stating this one as clear as possible. When you drive over the speed limit it can be dangerous, and may quickly result in a fatal accident. Speeding happens to be one of the major causes of traffic accidents and fatalities in the US alone. The faster you drive, the scarier the possibility of accident aftermath. So, it is better to stay within the driving safety limit and not play wildly with your odds.

Thinking of Driving Barefoot Today?

Driving is a very tactile experience and if you are thinking of driving barefoot, it may not be the safest decision. For a vast majority of drivers, it is a norm to drive with their shoes on, but if on a random day you decide to just try a new experience of driving barefoot, it may be a very risky thing to do. Because your feet are not accustomed to the experience, driving this way may feel quite alien to you. Although it is quite possible to drive barefoot, you should take time to practice doing so until you are comfortable, rather than just randomly deciding 'today's the day' and going for it.

Is Drunk Driving a Problem For You?

According to an estimate, a large number of accidents occur due to drunk driving. And if it is something that you are struggling with, you should definitely think long and hard about the associated implications of this. If you are living in a busy region like New York, it always pays off to stay in contact with a New York drunk driving accident lawyer for a quick consultation on this. You should not take any chances, and while it is good to prepare ahead for the aftermath of an accident, it is far better to be cautious and avoid one entirely.

Experiencing Road Rage Often?

About 56% of road accidents happen because of road rage. Many drivers consider it a normal thing to experience, but it can easily turn out to be something that jeopardizes your safety. Angry outbursts, shouting inside the car while driving, or any instance of road rage can put you in a very vulnerable position.

The Headphones: Yay or Nay?

Listening to music is not typically a problem, but when you are using headphones it can easily compromise the quality of driving because your attention is divided. Using headphones also decreases your awareness as you are far less able to hear anything other than the car’s speakers. It is not as bad to use headphones for calls while driving as it's for a shorter duration, but you have to be cautious to pay attention to outside noises even then, as well.

Driving Carelessly During Extreme Weather Conditions

During extreme weather conditions, it is best to be extra cautious and slow down instead of taking risks and driving recklessly. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay much heed to driving cautiously, even when the weather is bad. But try something different that could save your or someone else's life: in bad weather, take extra caution and drive a bit slower than the normal speed limit.

What to Do About Tailgating

It is not safe to drive within close proximity of another car. If the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop, you would be blamed for the accident. On the other hand, if some car is tailgating you on the road or on the highway, pull over & let it through. It's better to stay cautious, even when you are not at fault.

When driving, you are not only accountable for yourself but also for others. You may think of yourself as a good driver, but one little mistake can cause great harm. So it is best to stay cautious and take basic driving ethics seriously to avoid having an accident.

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