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These are the best face masks to exercise in for 2020



By Ethan Thomas

As governments across the world impose mandates on wearing face masks while in public, it's imperative that you choose to exercise in a safe and compliant way.

Whether you’re outside on a public trail or hitting an enclosed gym, you’re going to have to get used to wearing a face mask while you exercise.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best face masks to exercise in, below.

Hoo-Rag Custom Bandanas

We kick off our list with our favorite face mask brand, Hoo-Rag.

Made from 100% moisture wicking polyester microfiber, Hoo-Rag face masks feature UPF30 sun protection for added outdoor protection when you’re hitting the trails.

When you add the fact they’re durable, moisture wicking and wind resistant, you have everything you need for a perfectly versatile face mask to exercise in.

If you’re looking for an all-round face mask, then be sure to check out the range of Hoo-rag custom bandanas.

Under Armour Sports Mask

Coming in at number 2 on our list, we have respected sports equipment and apparel brand, Under Armour.

Under Armour’s sports mask features a structured design that adds comfort while you exercise, by elevating the mask from your face and mouth.

The sports mask’s antimicrobial treatment on the inside layer helps to keep the mask clean, while the polyurethane open-cell foam makes it hard for sweat to pass.

To top it off, UA’s Iso-Chill fabric ensures the mask always feels cool against your skin, never heating up as you exhale.

Kathmandu Outdoor Face Mask

Third on our list of the best face masks to exercise in, is an option from Kathmandu that outdoor adventurers will already know quite well.

Kathmandu’s antimicrobial face masks combine two high caliber yarn technologies that work together to keep your mask cool and reduce surface moisture.

These masks are portable, breathable and safely reusable after a warm water wash.

Kathmandu’s outdoor face masks allow you to stop stressing and hit the great outdoors with your buddies, while feeling safe you’re not spreading COVID-19 amongst the group.

Adidas AlphaSkin Mesh Head Tie

We’ve gone something a little different at number 4, with an AlphaSkin Mesh Head Tie from Adidas.

While no substitute for a medically recommended face mask, they’re perfect for times when you’re adequately socially distanced, such as on the pitch or court.

Constructed from a thin, lightweight material to wick sweat away, the stylish head tie from Adidas also features a prominent heat transfer Adidas logo on the front.

This dual-layer, mesh head tie is suitable for a range of sports and exercise activities, keeping your face dry and allowing for maximum air flow as you move.

Nike Running Therma Sphere Hood Mask

Our fifth and final recommended face mask to exercise in, is a special for those heading into the harsh winter months.

The Nike Running Therma Sphere Hood Mask is a versatile option that can be adjusted as both a full face covering, or a less obtrusive snood depending on conditions.

Featuring Therma-Sphere fabric with Dri-FIT technology, this face mask wicks sweat away on the inside, while the balaclava fit offers protection from the elements externally.

You certainly can’t go wrong with a face mask that features that famous Nike logo.


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