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The Warmer You Dress, The Healthier You Are! True or false?


By Amy Fischer

We often take for granted the impact the right kind of clothing can have on our well-being. Typically, we see clothes for aesthetic qualities first, but clothing's purpose obviously goes way beyond that. Wearing the wrong clothes can impact our health, especially when living in an area with cold weather, or even more so, harsh winters. The question is: How? There are many factors to consider such as temperature, material, existing health conditions, and more. You may already be rethinking your wardrobe choices based on these factors, so you might want to check out what’s in store and treat yourself using D'Aniello Boutique Coupons.

But to answer the question of how wearing the wrong kind of clothes can impact the health of those living in cold areas, read on to find out.

More Prone to Colds

Many kinds of viruses thrive in cold weather, including the rhinovirus. The rhinovirus that is responsible for common colds thrives in colder temperatures, allowing the virus to replicate faster inside the human body. So what does proper clothing have to do with this?

Cold weather makes it difficult for the body to retain and generate heat. Add to that the fact that many researchers find that low temperatures can cause the immune system to weaken due to lack of exposure to sunlight, and thus, lack of Vitamin D, it makes sense that it’s important for the body to be insulated as much as possible and retain heat whenever out in the cold weather. Preserving body heat can be done by wearing the right clothes.

Consider materials like wool, flannel, faux fur, and cashmere when looking for coats to preserve your body heat and keep you warm.

Risk of Getting Angina When Going Out Without a Cap, Mask, and Scarf

You may not be aware, but angina, or chest pain, can be caused by breathing in cold air. Angina occurs when the heart muscles constrict due to insufficient supply of oxygen in the body, which can be caused by cold air. When this occurs, pain can spread even to the shoulders, neck, and arms.

To prevent this, make it a habit to bundle up. Cover your head with a knitted hat, wear a mask, or cover your mouth with a thick scarf.

Chances of Getting Hypothermia During Harsh Winters

You’ve probably heard horror stories of people getting hypothermia. And it’s not just for professional mountain climbers reaching the peak of Mount Everest; it can happen to anyone.

Hypothermia happens when the body temperature drops abnormally low. People who live in areas that experience harsh winters are more prone to this, especially when staying outdoors for a long period. It’s even worse for people with compromised immune systems and existing health conditions because their body is not at its prime condition to efficiently produce heat and fight the cold.

It’s best to stay in when the temperature dips to dangerously low levels, but if it can’t be helped, make sure to bundle up from head to toe. One coat isn’t enough so wear layers to preserve body heat as much as possible.

The Warmer You Dress, The Healthier You Are! True or false?

The answer depends on many factors. It’s safe to say that for those living in cold regions, the warmer you dress, the less chances you have of contracting illnesses exacerbated by low temperatures. While warmer clothes don’t necessarily keep you in top shape (you still need proper exercise and the right diet!), it is a barrier against worse things that can happen without it.

A Wardrobe Revamp Using D’Aniello Boutique Coupons

It never hurts to be careful so make sure to bundle up when going out! And if you don’t have the proper clothes or are in need of an upgrade, enjoy these D'Aniello Boutique Coupons as you get your winter fashion on, or get ahead and shop in advance for the summer.

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