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The Rise of Craft Cocktails: Why They're So Popular and How the Industry is Changing


In recent years, there has been an explosion in craft cocktails. Bartenders are getting more creative with their drinks, and drinkers are beginning to appreciate the finer points of cocktail making. But what is behind this trend? Why are craft cocktails becoming so popular? And how is the industry changing as a result?

The influence of craft beer

One of the biggest factors behind the rise of craft cocktails is the influence of craft beer. In recent years, there has been a boom in small-batch, artisanal brewing. [Beer Snobs, an online resource shares that] Brewers are using high-quality ingredients and paying attention to detail in order to create unique and flavorful beers. In the past, your average bar would sell a range of basic beers that all tasted pretty much the same. You didn't have the same kind of quality that you would get with wine, for example. But that has changed and now beer is a big hobby. People expect more interesting, unique flavors and they want something new and exciting.

This trend has led many people to become interested in other types of drinks, such as cocktails. If you're used to trying new beers all the time, then it's only natural that you would want to explore other drinks as well. And bartenders are happy to oblige. They are always looking for new ways to create interesting and delicious cocktails.

What is a craft cocktail?

So what exactly is a craft cocktail? It's hard to define, but there are some common elements. First of all, craft cocktails are usually made with high-quality ingredients. This means using fresh fruit and herbs, as well as good quality spirits. Bartenders will often make their own syrups and infusions in order to get the perfect flavor. Secondly, craft cocktails are usually made with care and attention to detail. This means taking the time to muddle the ingredients, shake or stir the drink, and garnish it beautifully. Finally, craft cocktails are often served in creative or unusual ways. For example, they might be served in a Mason jar or a teacup.

What does the future of the craft cocktail industry look like?

One of the most obvious changes that has happened in the industry is the rise of cocktail bars. In the past, bars that specialized in these kinds of high end craft cocktails were few and far between. But now there are more and more bars that are specializing in cocktails.

However, the biggest change has been in the at-home cocktail market. The availability of ingredients has increased a lot and being able to find recipes online has made cocktails more accessible. There are also some great companies selling ready-made craft cocktails, like this delicious gold rush cocktail, for example. That means that you don't need a drinks cabinet stocked with expensive ingredients to enjoy high-quality cocktails anymore, you can have them at home whenever you like.

As time goes on, this trend will only continue. Craft cocktails will not be an expensive, unobtainable luxury that is only enjoyed by a few select people, they will become just as prevalent as beer or wine.

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