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Faith and Inspiration

The mysterious language of cats...


An introduction to the language of cats beginning with that primitive action form of “ING” as it is used in its many action forms.

Here we will start with an example of cattese as used in this complex feline language.

Our first word will be yowl, or more precisely ‘yowling’ as it is used in its action form as stated. You will never hear a cat say, “I am going to go out and yowl tonight!” No, cats go on a yowling campaign  without any warning whatsoever.
 You know what I am talking about. 

Say you are sound asleep one dark night when suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, your  sweet kitty is screaming like a banshee in your good ear!

 Now wasn’t that refreshing? Yeah, you know what I mean!

The cat in question might have a perfectly good reason for SCREAMING in your ear. Perhaps he is telling you in his not so delicate manner that his litter box needs to be cleaned, or that you were snoring too loudly, and you disturbed his sleep. 

Whatever the reason, you might as well get up and do what sweet kitty demands because all reasonable thought of sleep has been relegated to the nether regions of sane thought for at least several hours.

Yowling is another word closely related to screaming but usually comes in pairs like when you have two or more cats. Screeching and caterwauling are similar words that have a tendency to drastically reduce a person’s viable sleep time, but we can go into those at another time.

Dear Father, how sweet is your voice to our ears!  When you speak your words are comforting, and never raucous, or in any way irritating.  Please draw near as our sweet friend.  Please, wash us with your love.   We adore you O Holy one, and may our lives resonate with your sweet voice.  In Jesus’ sweet name we ask it, Amen.

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  • Richardmvelho

    Hey Chuck, you know my love of language and languages, so I may not be as solicitous, if you are not as fluent as you should be in Cat-Talk! Let's face facts here, your cat is gracious enough to live with you and allow you to serve him, the least you could do is to try to learn his language a bit better! Most difficulties can be easily solved with open lines of communication!

    As my cat, Henry, has explained many times, he understands I am a mere hooman and so cannot be faulted for my many inadequacies. But it is important to remember our place in the scheme of things! We need to remember who has royal status and who is a peon!

    I hope all is well with you this new year, I am back in school once more, learning yet another language,

    Tuesday, January 17 Report this

  • Charles

    Dear Peon, and understanding cattese, what with it being the complex language that it is, no wonder people persons only grasp a miniscule few of the nuances of meow, purr, hiss and yowl. Screech is of itself as confusing to the human ear as mandarin is to the western sense of linguistic understanding. Meow to yourself, Chaz

    Tuesday, January 17 Report this

  • Richardmvelho

    Ah yes! Dear friend and fellow ailurophile, Meow to you too! It is a truly complex language we attempt to learn, we rely so much on sound and neglect ear and tail position! I believe this may be our greatest obstacle to understanding our feline overlords! May your ears and tail always be upright and all your meows be melodious?

    Thursday, January 19 Report this

  • Charles

    And again I say , Meow to you and may you be blessed always with an aromatic litter box, Chaz

    Thursday, January 19 Report this