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The Miriam Project Helps Keep Young People On Track


Keeping young people on the right path is a hot topic in Apopka right now. The Apopka Community Task Force on Violence has just been formed. Marquise Sankey, founder of the 3-year-old "Miriam Project," has been working with young people in Apopka since 2013.

Sankey will be interviewed by Jim Turner today in the three o'clock hour on "My Hometown" on 1520 WBZW. Sankey will discuss his group's summer plans in particular and the group's purpose as a whole in today's three o'clock hour. "My Hometown is aired daily from three to five on Apopka's Hometown station, 1520 WBZW.

About "The Miriam Project"

The Miriam Project is a 3-part growth system that starts with academic adequacy to ensure the basic principles of learning are mastered. The second step is a collection of more than 300 life skills classes that are designed to uncover hidden talents, spark new passions, and refresh the memory. The third step is talent development; this is where the individual gets the most out of The Miriam Project. At this point the heroes learn to turn the passion of gifts and talents, into careers, then into a lifestyle of happiness.

According to The Miriam Project founder, Marquise Sankey, "My dream as a child was to be a hero with superpowers. Thinking the only way to help the world be a better place was, at the very least, flying. When reality set in, I learned that a hero is one that will sacrifice self even for those that betray them. I also believe that each of us has a gift that must be opened, to do our part to save our kind, mankind, from the problems that exist because we are only human."

"It is never too late to head in the right direction. Hopefully the children will learn from our mistakes and make better decisions because nothing beats being prepared, and there is nothing worse than cleaning up a mess that could have been avoided. I am proud to be a native of Apopka and I want more of the community members to show pride through their personal achievements and celebrate our successes as a community."

"My aim is to educate, encourage, and protect our future. It is my dream to inspire every student to set long term goals to ensure academic and personal success."

Official Website: The Miriam Project



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