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The importance of seeing an Orthodontist for Clear Aligner treatment


So, you are considering getting clear aligners to straighten those teeth and obtain the perfect smile. Well, you should know a few things before you start to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

And it all starts with an orthodontist.

'Well, I can get them online and do it myself,' you say, or 'my dentist does aligners.'

That's all fine and well, but you will receive varying levels of satisfaction with each option. For simple cases, you'll find that most people don't want a small problem just reduced to a minor issue. Trying to treat yourself with remote "guidance" is risky for more complex cases.

That's where an actual orthodontist comes in handy.

Aligners have been around now for about 30 years. Much longer than most people think. But it's only become a more effective option than braces in the last five years, in my opinion, with so many new aligner companies moving technology forward and pricing down.

So, let's discuss the options and the pros and cons of each.

First off, we have direct-to-consumer online aligner products. The pros are sometimes the price. I say sometimes because I've had many failed cases come to me to correct problems for them to find out that they paid more than we charge. Also, you have the convenience of no office visits. But that also means we can't add attachments or engagers, make adjustments, and do air rotor stripping as needed.

So in most cases, compromises have to be accepted. Ultimately, online do-it-yourself aligners are only an option for people with limited problems and expectations. It's tough for us as trained professionals to treat patients with aligners, so it's even more difficult for you to treat yourself.

Your next option is your general dentist, which is much better than doing it yourself. But you want to find a dentist with a lot of experience with aligners because a general dentist that dabbles in clear aligners may run into a problem when they have to go off script.

An orthodontist Can make adjustments on the fly and improvise to give you the best possible result. An orthodontist trained and experienced in moving teeth can find ways and methods of moving teeth beyond the aligner prescriptions. And often, the margins between joy and disappointment are minuscule. And often, a general dentist charges higher fees than orthodontists. So if you are considering aligners and want the best results possible, check out your friendly neighborhood orthodontist.

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