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The Best Promotional Grocery Bag Supplier



By Goldie Martin

What is a Grocery Bag?

You may think that this is a simple answer, but it isn’t really. Normally, if you go to a supermarket you are offered three choices: Paper, plastic, or your own bag. The first two options aren’t terribly helpful though, because neither one isn’t great for the environment and doesn’t always offer the best quality or durability.

The third option is often the best, but most difficult, that of you using your own bags. This can be problematic when you don’t have them with you. It could certainly be solved by buying reusable grocery bags at the store where you are, though again, these bags often aren’t that good and can’t be used very long after a few days. But buying quality reusable bags are often too expensive, and not something you want to buy on a whim. However, buying a bulk supply of grocery bags from the Tote Bag Factory for you and your family, and even for friends, gifts for colleagues, teammates, visitors or event guests is a smarter play. Regardless of the person, a custom grocery bag is an excellent gift and promotional item.

But again, what is a grocery bag? A grocery bag is any type of bag that can be reused for grocery shopping. There are common dimensions for a bag that are often used, and tote bags often are completely square at the corners. Further, the material is typically a synthetic blend that is commonly made from recycled material. However, this material isn’t your only choice.

When you find a good tote company you have many more options. The dimensions and the materials are the most varied components to the choice, with materials ranging from lower-quality plastics to higher quality cotton and fibers. You could choose from standard shopping totes, small to large canvas bags, heavy canvas bags, zipper grocery bags, square burlap bags, plastic or canvas beach totes, fully cotton totes of differing sizes, and even clear plastic zipper bags.

What about Grocery Bag Suppliers... Are They All the Same?

So, the next question you need to ask is, who do you buy it from? If you know what you want, then where do you get it? Well, you can’t get it from a standard retailer as a retailer will charge you full retail prices and won’t offer you a discount on a bulk order. They are out solely based on the price.

However, there are other important considerations. If you need a large quantity, a big box retail store won’t likely have the appropriate volume of supplies that you will need for your bulk order. Most shops have a large variety of goods but not a large supply of goods. This hurts anyone who is trying to buy in bulk. So, you will end up hunting for supplies at different locations and wasting your time and money.

Your best bet to avoid the issues associated with lack of supply and high costs is to buy from a qualified wholesale site like Tote Bag Factory. Wholesale sites aren’t all the same. There are a couple of considerations that can help you make an informed choice. First, you need to know that a wholesale site is still a middleman that will increase the cost of the product. You need to choose a wholesale site like Tote Bag Factory that is as close to the manufacturer as possible. This will allow you to capture the maximum cost cuts and discounts on all orders, not just really high orders.

Further, you need a wholesale site like Tote Bag Factory that has a massive inventory and selection. Some wholesale sites only have a few items. This is a terrible idea. Places like Tote Bag Factory are able to supply large bulk orders across lots of variety of items because they aren’t just the wholesale site but are actually the manufacturer of the product as well. This, again, is to your benefit. Make sure you choose your wholesale site correctly.

Should You Customize the Grocery Bag?

Always. Always, always get your bulk orders customized with something. It could be an image, a logo, a brand, or a name. It doesn’t really matter. The important part is that the receiver of the item feels personally connected to the grocery bag and doesn’t feel like you are just giving them a bag you found in the bottom of your closet.

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