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Ten Things to do While Movers are Moving


A homeowner's stress level can rise when moving from one property to another.

It may take some time to pack all of your belongings if you reside in a larger home. For a stress-free move, you must understand how to properly pack and mark your belongings.

Packing ahead of time is essential for a stress-free relocation. There are additional things you can do while the movers are shifting boxes to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Check out our moving advice in the section below

1. Do not stun the movers

While movers would gladly assist you in moving all of your goods, try to avoid purchasing new items the day before the move. Avoid shocking your movers by purchasing a freestanding bath or a jacuzzi. Notify them ahead of time if you intend to do so so they can prepare. They may require additional equipment to assist them in moving exceptionally heavy items. 

2. Provide refreshments

Express your gratitude to the movers by providing them with refreshments. Moving may be exhausting, especially if you have a lot of heavy items at home. When carrying big appliances, the movers will most likely sweat. They will appreciate it if you provide them with a light lunch or some cold drinks to keep them going.

3. Do not tell them what to do

Several homeowners are apprehensive that the movers will not be able to handle their belongings properly. Keep in mind that movers are professionals. They are experienced in transferring items from point A to point B. They understand how to handle delicate items. As a homeowner, be certain that you have neatly packed and labeled your belongings to assist movers and avoid other complications.

4. Keep valuable things in your vehicle

Consider taking stuff like jewelry or artwork with you in the car instead. Allow your movers to focus on the heavy lifting and bring your jewelry or other small electronics with you. Additionally, know that some products will not be allowed in particular trucks such as combustible or perishable stuff. Talk with your movers about the restrictions and make sure you follow the directions for a smooth transfer.

5. Keep children and pets away from movers

Take your children somewhere else as much as possible because they will simply disturb/slow down the movers. Do the same for your dogs. If this is not possible, you can just confine your pets to an empty room, preferably with the door closed, so they do not have to roam the home. Make sure they have adequate food, water, and possibly some toys to keep them entertained. If your children truly need to stay with you, keep them out of the way.  When children have something to keep them occupied, such as a smartphone or an iPad, toys, food, or board games, they usually behave well. You can even have kids taken to a nearby park while the boxes are being loaded.

6. Always double-check your work

Even the most meticulous packers may overlook a few items. Inspect each room one by one to verify you haven't left anything behind. Examine popular hiding places such as medicine cabinets, kitchen drawers, attic, and dishwashers. Check to see if you have already emptied the fridge before the movers arrive. They won't be able to load the leftover food, so bring it with you or throw it out. As soon as everything is in order, double-check your old house to ensure that all windows are closed and all lights are turned off.

7. Clean

When the movers are busy transporting your belongings to the truck and your new home, enlist the services of a family member to clean your new home. Sweep the floors and remove everything that shouldn't be there. You can even do this the day before your move to ensure that everything is in working order. Do the same for your old house so that it is ready for new buyers. If this isn't possible before moving day, tidy each room as the movers empty it. Your old house will be spotless and neat by the time everything is loaded onto the moving truck. You will save both time and money.

8. Ensure that movers have easy access

If you reside in a building, show your movers where to park the moving truck and how to get inside your apartment. You should be able to plan everything so that nothing goes wrong and your move is delayed. If there are parking restrictions, make sure to work things out with the building manager to ensure a smooth transition. Make sure the movers can easily enter and exit your flat.

9. Get out of their way

Allow the movers to do things their way during the move. You are not required to follow them around as they move each box. This is why it's critical to properly mark all of the boxes, to make things easy for the movers and to ensure that fragile items are treated correctly.

10. Do not abandon your movers

While it is vital to allow the movers to complete their work, this does not imply that you should leave the site and wait for them at your new home.

They may have further questions or concerns that require your attention. To resolve any issue, someone must be present. If you truly can't make it, ask a family member to stay at your old house while your goods are being transferred. This guarantees that the move goes off without a hitch.

Bonus Tip: Have your payment ready

If you are paying by credit or debit card, you will most likely be provided with your credit or debit card details as soon as you schedule your move. When making cash payments, be sure you have enough money to cover the full cost of your move. It would be inconvenient if you needed to go to the bank to withdraw money. Inquire how much it would cost to move all of your possessions, but make sure you have the extra money in case the anticipated cost of your move exceeds your budget. You may also choose to tip your movers to express your gratitude for a job well done.


Moving to a new property can be a daunting task for homeowners, especially when they have to pack up all their belongings and transfer them to a new place. To make the move stress-free, it is essential to know how to pack and mark your belongings correctly. However, there are additional things you can do while the movers are shifting boxes to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. From providing refreshments to keeping valuable items in your vehicle, keeping children and pets away from movers, always double-checking your work, and cleaning, all these tips can help make the process seamless. By having your payment ready and not abandoning your movers, you can ensure that the move goes smoothly without any hassle. With these tips, homeowners can enjoy a hassle-free move and start enjoying their new homes.

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