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Soon “Ear-Free” Headphones Will be Available


Could you imagine not owning ear buds? It may very well be in the near future. Sony has introduced new “ear-free” headphones that are futuristic looking but solves that wiring tangle issue.

Recently featured at South by Southwest, Concept N is like no other headphone that you have ever seen, reports Consequence of Sound.

Headphones rest around the neck, their built-in multi-directional speakers guiding sound up toward the ears. The idea behind the design is to allow users to hear music without having to sacrifice hearing anything else around them.

Other features of the Concept N include a camera found in the neckband and the ability to be voice-controlled.

For those who may want to alternate between the future and the present-day, each Concept N does come packaged with the more traditional ear buds. These have holes poked in them to ensure that outside racket can still be detected by users.

For the complete article and a video on the product, go here.

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