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Save time, money, and nerves: The guide on how to earn CompTIA A+ certification on the first try


Leading IT companies have created a process to assist you in validating your entry-level tech skills to ensure you get a great start in your profession. This process involves various certifications that cover a number of IT areas.

CompTIA A+ is one of the credentials considered by many as the best way to begin an IT career and become a qualified problem-solver. But, like lots of other badges, this one requires you to allocate some time on preparation and spend money on the registration fee. It makes it highly desired to pass the required tests and obtain the certification on the first attempt. In this post, we will be covering more about this credentiall.

CompTIA A+ Overview

The vendor-neutral CompTIA certification gives you an insight into several IT spheres and allows you to work in different areas regardless of products and solutions the company uses. This badge comes to you once you pass the two tests. This will be an indication of your possession of current technical skills and knowledge that matter.


This general credential makes you suitable for any of the many entry-level job roles. So, if you wish to work as a help desk tech, data support tech, end-user computer technician, system support specialist, and more, this is the certification to pursue. When registering for it, ensure to get the exam voucher and select your preferred testing centre. It would also be best for you to have a clear awareness of the testing options and policies as well as procedures.

Since acing the tests is the main requirement for obtaining the certification and gaining all these opportunities, let’s find out the details of these assessments.

Skills Measured and Other Exam Details

Candidates whose goal is to earn the CompTIA A+ badge have to pass two core tests. They are 220-1001 and 220-1002. These exams have been created by industry professionals to better prepare you to know the ins and outs of various IT areas on the basic level. The skills you’ll verify by this certification will include managing operating systems, working with hardware, providing troubleshooting, solving networking issues, configuring mobile devices as well as implementing security, etc.


The two tests carry 90 questions each and timing of 90 minutes. You will receive the tasks in the form of multiple choices, performance-based items, and drag-and-drops. You need to get 675/900 marks to pass 220-1001 and 700/900 marks for 220-1002. The fee for registering for each of these assessments is $226.

Remember before taking the exams, CompTIA recommends having not less than 9 months of hands-on field or lab experience. If you don’t meet this prerequisite, it means that you should study and practice even harder. However, it is exactly good preparation that can help you pass the tests on the first try, and fortunately, there is a wide range of options for training offered by CompTIA.


CompTIA A+ Certification Training and Learning Options

Preparing for 220-1001 and 220-1002, candidates have access to a number of official preparation resources that include study guides, instructor-led and online training, and interactive labs. Whatever method you choose, ensure it gives you the knowledge and experience you need in the format which is suitable for you.

CompTIA A+ study guides

The official guides for A+ tests have been developed by IT experts and involve engaging and informative content to help you understand all the topics outlined. These are the two books:

  • Exam 220-1001 Study Guide
  • Exam 220-1002 Study Guide

You can find these materials in the print or eBook version.

Online instructor-conducted course

Candidates who want something more than books can opt for live online learning. This training led by instructors is available through CompTIA’s partners. You will be studying in a comfortable and flexible environment that ensures you establish whatever you require to pass the tests. The highly qualified trainers have real-world experience in IT. And with the availability of a two-way connection, you will have a chance to ask questions and be part of discussions.


Virtual labs

For 220-1002 exam, CompTIA offers browser-based hands-on labs designed to prepare you for the IT role as well as the test itself. You will be expected to solve basic and more advanced issues while bearing in mind the kind of impact the actions you perform will have. The labs are interactive and align with scenarios of the actual world. They also come with lab guides and detailed instructions to assist you in navigating and accomplishing various tasks.

CompTIA CertMaster eLearning course

The comprehensive eLearning process enables applicants to move at their pace. This exam prep solution ensures candidates are 100% ready when the exam day comes knocking. This option includes engaging content, performance-based quizzes, and practice questions that simulate the testing environment.

The listed CompTIA A+ exam preparation resources are available to anyone looking forward to achieving the pass mark. However, using third-party materials like books, video tutorials, trial tests, etc. will only help you get a better understanding of the concepts so don’t hesitate to utilize them too.


In IT, there are no limits to what you can achieve. However, how you start your career journey matters a lot. The CompTIA A+ certification will not only launch your career but will also prepare you for more advanced credentials and roles.

Now, you know that adequate preparation will serve you well in attempting to earn the A+ badge on the first try as well as you are aware of the best study resources to use. So, don’t lose your time, schedule the exams, pass them as soon as possible, and start building your IT career on such a great foundation.

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