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Popular Recipes You Can Do With Matcha


By Allen Brown

Staying healthy means that you need to follow a balanced diet filled with nutrients that can benefit your body. Matcha is one of those ingredients that offer an abundance of health benefits to keep you energized and active all day long. This green powder is quite versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes according to each individual’s preferences. There are many creative and delicious ways to incorporate matcha in your everyday meals and drinks. Here are some popular and easy recipes you can do with the nutritious green powder.

Matcha Soufflé

If you have a sweet tooth, give your desserts a healthy twist with matcha. Use the green tea powder to make matcha soufflé in a couple of easy steps and enjoy a fancy yet nutritious dessert. All you will need for this recipe is sugar, unsalted butter, flour, milk, egg yolks, and of course, matcha powder. You can change the amount of each ingredient used depending on the number of servings you plan to make and your own personal preferences. Start by mixing all your dry ingredients, then gradually add the egg yolks and milk and pour the mix into soufflé mugs then place them in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes. Finally, dust your soufflé with some powdered sugar to add an extra element of beauty when serving the dish.

Matcha Latte

One of the easiest and most traditional ways to use matcha is by making a matcha latte. It is quite simple to prepare, too; the traditional instructions for preparing a warm cup of matcha latte start with boiling some water, then adding a couple of teaspoons of matcha. Once your mixture heats up together, pour in some warm milk and stir with some sugar according to your personal preference. Pour your latte into a large mug, and use a frother to make your beverage foamy. You can also dust some matcha powder on top and work on some green tea art to make your cup a little more fun to drink. The great thing about a matcha latte is that it can be a healthy substitute for coffee, as it contains sufficient amounts of caffeine without any of the health risks that come with coffee. It is delicious, nutritious, and will keep you energized all day long.

Green Tea Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, and when you add matcha to the mix you can have delicious and healthy cookies for the ultimate snack. If you have young children, then the green tea cookies recipe would be perfect for them and you can make baking them a fun family affair. All you will need for this recipe is some flour, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, and egg yolks. Mix all of those ingredients with matcha powder and some chocolate chips if you prefer. You should use about one or two cups of each ingredient and add or remove amounts depending on the number of servings you want to make. Once you have your mixture ready, start forming small balls of cookie dough and place them on an oven tray, then leave them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until they take the round cookie shape. Let your tray cool down for a couple of minutes before removing the cookies and serving them with a cup of milk or any hot beverage of your choice.

Green Tea Yogurt Pops

Summer is a time for cold snacks and desserts that will help you cool down and stay refreshed in extreme heat conditions. Green tea yogurt pops can be the perfect dessert option for warm days as they are extremely nutritious and easy to make at home. To prepare the matcha pops you will need to boil some water with a couple of teaspoons of matcha, add some milk, yogurt, and any fruits of choice. You can use bananas to improve the consistency of your yogurt pops and make them naturally sweet. If you want to sweeten the dessert a little more you can add some honey according to preference and whisk everything together until you have a smooth mixture that you can pour into pop trays. Freeze your pops for about 4-5 hours and enjoy your cool snack.

Matcha is a fun and healthy ingredient that can be used in pretty much all kinds of meals and beverages. You can experiment with the green tea powder, and add it to your everyday recipes to see what you like. You can also do some research to get inspired to make new dishes using the green powder so you can enjoy its numerous health benefits.


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