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Apopka's Nauti Lobstah wins Orlando Sentinel Foodie Award

2024 Critic's Choice for Seafood


The Nauti Lobstah Seafood Restaurant may be relatively new to Apopka, but it's already creating a lot of buzz throughout the region.

The restaurant, in the same location as the famed Catfish Place, won the 2024 Orlando Sentinel's Foodie Award earlier this month in the Critic's Choice for Seafood category.

"Thank You, Amy Drew Thompson, for all your support since our opening in 2021 and for naming The Nauti Lobstah as the 2024 Foodie Awards Critic’s Choice Best Seafood in Orlando," the restaurant posted on its Facebook Page. "Thank you to all our wonderful guests and Orlando Sentinel readers who voted for us as Best Restaurant, Best Sandwich, and Best Seafood! We are so happy to be “YOUR Seafood Place!”
Bringing a North/South blend to seafood

Founded in 2021, Nauti Lobstah seeks to attract diners from across Florida by offering a unique blend of Northern and Southern seafood traditions, including the biggest lobster roll in the state.

Executive Chef Mike Rumplik, who hails from Rhode Island, specializes in seafood and infuses his New England roots into the restaurant's menu. Focusing on retaining its loyal customer base while appealing to a broader audience, Nauti Lobstah aims to provide a memorable dining experience for all seafood enthusiasts. The restaurant stands out as a culinary gem by combining traditional seafood favorites with innovative twists.

Menu Variety and Specialties

Nauti Lobstah's menu goes beyond the typical seafood fare in the area, offering a diverse selection of dishes to cater to various tastes. While known for its delectable catfish dishes, the restaurant's lobster rolls have become a customer favorite. These rolls are crafted using premium Maine lobster meat, melted butter, sherry wine, and chives and served on a toasted lobster roll bun with bibb lettuce and herbed butter, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

Atmosphere and Dining Experience

The ambiance at Nauti Lobstah exudes a cozy fish camp vibe intertwined with the charm of a New England seafood shack, creating a welcoming and relaxed setting for guests. Diners appreciate the laid-back atmosphere that enhances their overall dining experience, making Nauti Lobstah a go-to spot for seafood aficionados in the area. The restaurant's commitment to authenticity is reflected in its decor and design, further enhancing the coastal dining experience for patrons.

Combining a warm and inviting atmosphere with top-notch seafood offerings, Nauti Lobstah ensures that every visit is a meal and a memorable seafood dining experience.

For more details about Apopka's Nauti Lobstah, go here.

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