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Pokemon Go wreaks havoc at local golf course


Pokémon Go invades Apopka

I thought the women on Errol Parkway were doing some kind of strange yoga move, but when Paul Fisher, the manager at Apopka Golf and Tennis called, it started to make sense.

PikachuPokemon GoPokemon Go has invaded Apopka.

"Someone drove down our fairways in a car last night," said Paul Fisher. "They traveled down the 11th fairway, then onto the 13th fairway and went on to the 14th fairway. From the tracks it was clear that they stopped several times."

Unfortunately it is not that unusual for people to occasionally drive onto the golf course, but people rarely drive down the fairways, according to Fisher.

It took a while, but Fisher and his staff finally figured out what was happening. The driver was chasing, and catching, Pokemons.

Apparently the game is no respecter of private property.

The staff of The Apopka Voice downloaded the Pokemon Go app and found a Pokemon inside the UCF Incubator building. Another was caught just inside the entrance to St. Paul's Lutheran Church next door.

Pokemon Go seems to be causing trespassing issues everywhere. Check out this tweet from the Phoenix Police Department:



To learn more about Pokemon go here.



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