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Parking Ordinance Committee completes final draft


Ordinance Draft Headed to Development Review Committee

The Parking Ordinance Committee and representatives from the Apopka Police Department met for the final time last night to complete the Parking Ordinance draft which is one step closer to a City Council vote. The next stop for the ordinance draft is the Development Review Committee, which could come as early as next week. Assuming it is approved by the DRC, it could be in front of the City Council in November.

APD Captain Randall Fernandez presented the "tweaks" made to the previous draft which included:

  • No parking in front of community mailboxes
  • To match a state statute, hours that vehicles may not park in front of mailboxes are 8am-6pm.
  • Parking is permitted in front of private mailboxes for vehicles registered to the mailbox address (at any time).
  • No parking in or at an approach of a cul-de-sac.
  • No parking within 12-feet of a driveway.
  • Parking is permitted on a "Miami Curb".

Although some committee members pushed back on some of the proposed tweaks, the final draft remained as it was presented by Fernandez, including what some are calling a "local option."

The final draft contains a provision that would allow individual Home Owners Associations to ban on-street parking in their neighborhood.

"We are not going to write an ordinance that's going to meet the needs of every subdivision in Apopka," said APD Chief Michael McKinley, who facilitated the meeting. "But we've gone from zero to opening-up some parking spaces in the neighborhoods...and all neighborhoods are going to be different. Some will be more challenging. But this opens up some spots."

Committee member Misha Corbett knew going-in it would be a challenge.

"It's really difficult and something I struggle with because we're trying to solve a problem that there really isn't a solution to. We can't put more space into a subdivision once it's built. We can't solve it no matter what regulations we put into place."

Despite the challenge, McKinley was appreciative for the time and effort put in by the committee.

"I think you've done an excellent job of providing some parking versus no parking."

Here is a link from the City of Apopka website to the current Parking Ordinance draft on its way to the Development Review Committee.

Parking Ordinance Committee


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