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Orange County Public Schools threatened on social media


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) announced today that they have received information regarding threats made to schools within the Orange County Public School System (OCPS).

OCSO says they are working closely with OCPS Administrators as well as local and Federal law enforcement.

Orange County Sheriff Demings has called for heightened awareness at the schools and says there will be high visibility patrols at Orange County schools.

orange county Jesus Wellington Kong

OCSO published a bulletin on social media identifying Jesus Wellington Kong as the person they believe to be a person of interest. The bulletin also described the types of threats made. The OCSO Bulletin is at the end of this article/

Kong's last known location was in the state of Maryland, but OCSO says appropriate precautions are being taken.

Orange County deputies are searching for a man accused of making several threats via social media to various schools in Orange County, including Boone High School, Edgewater High School, Colonial High School and Liberty Middle School. Wellington Kong a history of trouble with law enforcement and mental health issues, deputies said.

The treats on social media included

  • Encouraging anyone being bullied to shoot up schools.
  • Threatening to put pipe bombs in Liberty Middle School and Boone High School
  • Threatening to shoot students at Colonial High School

Kong claimed he would carry out all the threats on August 18th (tomorrow), deputies said.

King has used several alias’, according to OCSO, including, Jesus Henry Kong, Jesus Matute and Jessie Eloah Calix.

Anyone who sees Kong is asked not to make contact and to call law enforcement.

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