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OCPS mask mandate begins Monday; COVID cases in Orange, Apopka schools continue to spike


From Staff Reports

On Tuesday, the Orange County Public School Board gave direction to mandate masks for all PreK-12 students and adults. The mandate takes effect from Monday, August 30th until October 30th.

All children and adults will be required to wear a face mask during the school day while inside school board buildings or vehicles including buses. The mandate will not be required for any student with a note from a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, or employee with a medical exemption.

The face mask requirement was added to the Code of Student Conduct last year and is under the Dress Code on page 25. Effective Monday, August 30, any student not in compliance with the face mask mandate may be disciplined according to the Code of Student Conduct, which can be found here.

The mandate comes at a time when cases and quarantines are spiking both in Orange County and Apopka schools.

In Apopka, there are 301 positive cases of COVID reported; an increase of 31 from the previous report. 266 are students, and 35 are employees. There are 472 in quarantine; an increase of 187. 424 are students and 48 are employees.

In Orange County, there are 2,775 positive cases of COVID reported; an increase of 257. 2,201 are students, 561 are employees, and 13 are vendors or visitors. There are 2,079 in quarantine; an increase of 588. 2,017 are students, and 62 are employees.

COVID statistics at Apopka Schools through August 25th

Apopka Elementary: 23 confirmed cases - 1 employee, 22 students, and 6 in quarantine - 4 students and 2 employees

Dream Lake Elementary: 17 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 14 students, and 10 students in quarantine

Lakeville Elementary: 11 confirmed cases - 2 employees, 9 students, and 2 students in quarantine

Lovell Elementary: 10 confirmed cases - 2 employees, 8 students

Phillis Wheatley Elementary: 7 confirmed cases - 7 students

Rock Springs Elementary: 13 confirmed cases - 1 employee, 12 students

Wolf Lake Elementary: 33 confirmed cases - 2 employees, 31 students, and 79 students in quarantine

Apopka Memorial Middle: 23 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 20 students

Piedmont Lakes Middle: 28 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 25 students, and 71 students in quarantine

Wolf Lake Middle: 26 confirmed cases - 7 employees, 19 students. 241 in quarantine - 44 employees, and 197 students

Apopka High: 77 confirmed cases - 8 employees, 69 students, and 61 students in quarantine

Wekiva High: 33 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 30 students, and 2 students in quarantine

The OCPS COVID-19 dashboard includes all public schools in Orange County as of August 25th.


The OCPS COVID-19 dashboard including all Apopka public schools as of August 25th.


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