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New Tijuana Flats welcomes first customers


West Apopka Tijuana Flats restaurant now open

It has taken seven months, but Tijuana Flats fans in Apopka now have a place to call their own. And several die-hard fans were in line at 11:00 AM to be the first customers at the new West Apopka location.

dsc_0124The very first customer through the door was Leo, who walked over from his house in Lake Doe Cove.

"I have been a regular at the Hunt Club restaurant," Leo explained to The Apopka Voice. "I have been going there nearly every Tuesday for the past six years."

Leo's claim was verified at 11:00 AM when the restaurant door opened and the staff member greeted him by his first name.

Tyna was customer number two today. "I just love their taco salad," said Tyna. "And the queso. And the guacamole."

Plans for a new Tijuana Flats restaurant in the Victory Plaza shopping center were first reviewed publicly by the City of Apopka on April 6th of this year. A month later, on May 6th, the City's Development Review Committee signed off on the plans.

Use this link to learn why it took a month to get the committee's approval.

Construction began on May 9th. Progress on the store moved quickly, but it wasn't until four weeks ago the tentative opening date of October 31st was made official.

While Leo and Tyna have the honor of being the first customers to purchase food at the West Apopka Tijuana Flats, they were not the first guests of the restaurant. That honor goes to those who were invited to the restaurant's "soft opening" which occurred last Friday and Saturday.

Use this link to read about the soft opening and see photos of the inside of the new location. Don't miss the lizards-with-hot-sauce mural.


Tijuana Flats, Victory Plaza