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Apopka Election 2022

Nelson extends lead in fundraising


Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson extended his lead in fundraising over challenger Commissioner Kyle Becker after a modest showing for both candidates in the holiday month of December.

Nelson received $4,170 in donations from 11 donors ranging from $20-$1,000. Ten of the donors were individuals, while one was a business donation. Seven were from Apopka, while four were from out of town. Nelson has raised a total of $52,895, and spent $11,662.91 on his campaign, leaving him $41,232.09 in his campaign account. He spent $1,665 in December.

Becker raised $1,423 in December from 19 donors ranging from $22-$500. All 18 donors were individuals, and 18 were from Apopka, while one was from out of town. Becker has raised $21,388 in total, and spent $11,870.99 in election expenses, which leaves him with $9,517.01 in his campaign account. He spent $2,587.72 in December.

In the Seat #2 City Commission election, incumbent Commissioner Diane Velazquez also had a quiet December report.

Velazquez collected $125.00 from two individual donors, one from Apopka and one from out of town. She has received $3,750 in total and has spent $671.70, leaving her $3,078.50. Her opponent, Wes Dumey, qualified to run for Seat #2 on January 3rd, and therefore did not turn in a report for December.

In the Seat #4 election, Nick Nesta got the campaign infrastructure in place for his stretch run.

Nesta reported two in-kind donations from himself for door hangers and yard signs totaling $718.12. He currently has raised $5,768.12 in total and has no expenses reported. His opponent, Eric Mock, qualified to run for Seat #4 on January 3rd, and therefore did not turn in a report for December.

Commissioner Alexander Smith (Seat #1), was effectively re-elected after no opponent qualified to run against him.

Apopka residents wishing to vote in the 2022 election must be registered by February 7th at 5 pm. 

Election Day is Tuesday, March 8th from 7 am to 7 pm.

There will be no runoffs (which occur when the leading candidate does not receive 50%-plus-one of the votes in the general election), because there are only two candidates in each contested seat.

Early voting starts on Monday, February 28th through Friday, March 4th from 8 am to 5 pm at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office, 119 W. Kaley Street in Orlando, and at the VFW/Apopka Community Center.

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