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Mind Over Matter: How Long to Rewire Brain from Addiction


Addiction is prevalent in the United States, with two-thirds of people in the US claiming addiction has affected their lives. Drugs and alcohol can take hold of your life and prevent you from maximizing your health and potential. Quitting yourself or seeking help from a rehab facility is the best way to regain control of your life and happiness.

A component to consider when working toward sobriety is how long to rewire the brain from addiction. Each person's path will differ, and the types of drugs used will alter the addiction rewiring process.

Luckily, you're in the right place to learn what to expect as you travel toward sobriety. Continue reading to learn about addiction recovery today!

How do drugs and alcohol affect the brain?

Addiction starts with a loss of control over your decisions and actions. When you develop an addiction, you'll face overwhelming desires to use drugs or alcohol, no matter how much harm either has caused to you and your loved ones.

Tolerance and withdrawal are the two most common types of addiction. Tolerance occurs because your body and mind adjust to the dosage you've taken. Withdrawal occurs by preventing the pain and discomfort of cleansing your system.

Drugs and alcohol inhibit your brain's ability to produce natural dopamine. With extensive use, you'll also create small gaps between neurons in your brain. The disruptions between neurons will affect your mood and behavior toward people you love.

How long to rewire brain from addiction?

Addiction is complex and will affect each individual differently. Expect the addiction rehab to take months or years to revert your brain to its original state. It's best to look at each type of drug and its expected recovery time.

Individuals addicted to meth should expect a brain recovery time between 14 and 24 months. The dopamine influx caused by meth causes the brain to take much longer to adjust to producing natural dopamine. Consider individualized treatment plans to overcome your addiction.

Alcohol abuse disorder has one of the quickest recovery times. Individuals pursuing addiction rehab will return to normal brain functions within 18 days of quitting alcohol and living a sober life.

Cocaine is another addictive drug that alters how your mind functions. The timeline for the neuroscience of addiction recovery takes between ten and 25 weeks for cocaine addiction. You'll notice a slight difference within the first five weeks of abstaining from cocaine.

Cannabis is less addictive than other drugs or substances, but it slows the hippocampus. Expect the recovery process to take up to 29 months for your brain to return to normal.

Start your addiction recovery process today

Addiction recovery is a long road, but a sober and healthy life is worth the time and effort. Knowing how long to rewire the brain from addiction will give you a roadmap to follow on your journey toward a sober life. The addiction rewiring process could take from two weeks to 29 months to help your brain recover.

You can't put a price on your health; improving your mental and physical health is vital to a long and fulfilling life. Read our Health guides and articles for beneficial tips today!

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