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Meet the Modern Dad


Check out the Modern Dad through this Infographic.

It highlights all aspects of today’s modern dad from the amount of single fathers in America to the change in parenting styles from past generations.



The Infographic was created by the on–demand gifting app, Giftagram. Gigfagram brings back that heart-thumping experience of opening up a gift in just three clicks.

For all those times he gave you lunch money and drove you to the movies; for being your rock and your shoulder to cry on; for teaching you how to play ball and how to play hard to get. For the man, the legend— for Dad.

We’re no longer pitching in with our siblings to get Dad a 12 pack of socks on Father’s Day (unless you’re 12 years old in which case that’s still pretty cute). And we certainly can do better than a another tie or a hokey #1 Dad coffee mug (cringe). And wouldn’t it be nice to show up Mom’s gift for once? (Sorry Mom, but it’s true you get all the things).

The truth is Dad is much easier to shop for than we give him credit. There are very few surprises when it comes to dads, so we intuitively know a “dad” gift when we see one. Even from generation to generation, dads tend to like the same “dad” things to help them do “dad” stuff, so we just need to set them up with the latest and greatest gifts for dads.

The reality is dads are notoriously easy-going and will love anything you give them. In fact, they’re probably not even expecting anything, so the surprise gift alone is enough to stir up some potential “dad” tears.

So move over Mom, this gift guide is just for the Modern Dad. In fact, there’s an entire curated category just for him weather he uses an iPhone or an Android.



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