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Make the Holidays Magical, Not Stressful


It's the most wonderful time of the year; if only you had a moment to enjoy it. While there are plenty of reasons to cherish the holidays, there are also an overwhelming number of things to do, people to see, gifts to buy, appointments to make and trips to take. All that combined can make your day-to-day stressful, even during this special season.

To spark magic back into the holidays, you need to cut the stress - or at least limit it - and to help do that, here are five tips to simplify your daily routine so you can relax and truly make the most of your holidays.

* Enjoy a cup of tea. With the constant "go go go" mentality of the holiday season, you may be inclined to reach for coffee; however, researchers have found many relaxing benefits from drinking tea - whether it's black, green or chamomile. When you do decide to break for a glass of tea, shut out all other distractions and treat yourself to a little quiet time. Even a quick five minute break can leave you feeling reenergized.

* Connect digitally. Can't make it to every holiday party and get together? Don't stress! Though you may not get to visit everyone in person, you can use the Internet to connect with loved ones. Consider creating a family hashtag like #HolidaysWithTheJoneses to keep track of posts and photos from the festivities

* Step outside. Yes, it's cold, but with shorter days and longer nights, soaking up as much daylight as possible will help stave off the winter blues. It's good for both mind and body, especially during the busy holidays. Once you're outside, use this opportunity to spend some quality time with the family by building a snowman or staging an impromptu snowball fight. When you're focused on having fun together, you'll remember what makes the holidays special.

* Turn on some tunes. Whether you're a Christmas carol die-hard or a musical Scrooge, music has an undeniable effect on your mood. Spin your favorite songs to help you get through shopping, travel, gift wrapping and more with a smile on your face. You'll be dancing to a new beat and those errands will seem a lot merrier.

* Take some time for yourself. It's better to give than to receive, but make sure to take some time to give yourself a relaxing treat during the holidays. Enjoy the calming effects of yoga, go to the gym or hit the spa. Taking a step back to focus on yourself makes you feel great and reduces your stress level.

The holidays can be hectic, but it is also a wonderful time to reconnect with friends and family to celebrate the season. These simple stress-reducing techniques can help you make the holidays truly wonderful.


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