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Light and Airy Presets for Photos


Lightroom presets took the world by a storm, and it has never been this easy to edit your photos professionally. Light and airy presets are one of the most popular ones, and the look that most Instagram influencers want.

Presets for PRO photos are usually the ones that focus only on a few colors and create bright and eye-capturing pictures. That’s why Light and Airy presets work. Their subtle editing turns everyday images magical.

In this article, we will talk about what Lightroom presets are, why people love them, and how to make the most out of the Light and Airy look.

What are Lightroom Presets?

In short, Lightroom presets are advanced Instagram filters that edit your images in one click. The main difference between a preset and an Instagram filter is that after your image has been iterated, you can still make changes.

Professional photographers created presets for their own use before. Their own presets allowed them to edit a large number of images quickly. Now, they can share this knowledge with you and help you edit like a PRO with a click of a button.

Why Do People Use Presets Lightroom?

When you open the app for the first time, all the settings can be overwhelming. You don’t really know what looks good and how each setting interferes with the others. It takes time to learn how to use split toning or the tone curve.

The fastest shortcut is to get professional presets. Many Instagram influencers buy from 123presets.store because their presets collection is huge. On top of that, all of their presets were created by an experienced photographer who has taken pictures in many different circumstances.

Another reason why people get presets is that they help you learn. You choose a style that you like and then you can see which settings were adjusted and how. That’s not possible with Instagram filters.

What is So Special about Light and Airy Presets?

These presets in particular are loved by Instagram influencers for a reason. Many influencers have shared that Light and Airy Instagram feed look increases the engagement of their posts. Light images look professional and also draw the viewer’s eye to the image.

Another reason why people choose this is that most everyday images look great with this look. You don’t have to worry too much about buying particular color outfits or choosing only one type of location. The preset helps you to make your Instagram feed consistent by iterating its colors.

How to Make the Most Out of Light and Airy Look?

Even though the preset will do most of the heavy lifting for you, you can always take certain photos that will make the end result look even better. Knowing photography basics can definitely take your pictures to the next level.


Lighting is one of the things that you most definitely want to keep in mind when taking your images. It allows the presets to work better and also gets you more beautiful images.

So, what kind of lighting do you want?

Most Instagram influencers choose soft natural light for a reason. That kind of lighting will allow you to take lots of images every day. On top of that, you will not get any weird shadows on your subjects.

In your Instagram stories, you could also explore the golden hour. It will look different from your general Instagram feed. However, the time before sunset gives your images the most beautiful pink and golden tones.

Outfit & Location

Choose a light color outfit. That really helps you to keep your Instagram feed consistent and also help the presets do their magic. The same goes for your location. With Light and Airy presets look, you don’t want to go too crazy with the colors.

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