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Less Talked About Ways to Declutter Your Basement that are Actually Effective


If you own a home, you likely have a dirty and dark secret: your basement! 

It's a half storage room, half laundry area, and probably full of dirt.

Pests,and  cobwebs behind your dryer and washer, make it even worse. Why? It’s easy to ignore your basement when cleaning. We get you - it might not be your most preferable place to start cleaning, but it requires some TLC from time to time.

To help you with the same,  we have compiled useful basement cleaning tips you may need. 

Take a look. 

Clean a Place to Sit

Basement cleaning may take a week or even more. Therefore, make it a priority to conduct the initial clean-up and ensure you've got a comfy place to sit while you perform this job. Skipping this may lead you to walk onto the trash, adding to your frustration. 

Label the Organizers

As you begin cleaning out your basement, make sure to put everything you've cleaned out in a separate labeled box or organizer. It will prevent items you've sorted out from getting placed in a pile with things that haven't even been used. 

Utilize different containers or boxes for storage, and label them.

Decide a Specific Time to Clean Up

Focusing on one shelf at a time is a better choice. However, larger spaces could take weeks. Therefore, instead of delaying the task, start gaining momentum and don't rush to complete your job in one go.

A well-organized approach can yield great results. If you take it slow and consistently, you will be able to use this room as functional and beautiful as other rooms in your house.

Begin from One Area First

Begin by choosing the area that requires less time to clear. It will undoubtedly bring a feeling of satisfaction and encourage you to continue before moving to other areas.

First, take out everything from the drawers and shelves and look at the things you've got. This will allow you to deep clean drawers and shelves that may not have been cleaned for awhile. Pick a specific spot and put all the boxes that contain items you want to give away or donate.

If you have used furniture you no longer require, it is best to look for Furniture removal in Orlando and get it removed by professionals. 

Clean, Clean and Clean

Wipe all the dust and cobwebs in your basement. It's a good idea to start from the highest point of the room, get rid of cobwebs in corners, wash the light fixtures, and then clean up the walls, if necessary. 

Clean all surfaces, going from top to bottom. Sweep the basement windows, along with the blinds and window tracks. Don't forget to finish with a thorough vacuuming of the area. Also, don't hesitate to give your hardwood flooring surface a thorough cleaning. 

Stay Firm in Your Resolution

You may get bored tidying up the mess that is in your basement. It can be a monotonous task, but the trick is never to stop. Particularly when you have numerous racks and boxes to clear, and you are feeling demotivated. 

It may be tempting to stack things, hoping that you will use them in the future. But you must avoid doing this, as you'll most likely end up with a cluttered basement like previously.

Final Word

Just like other areas in your home, your basement cries for help each time you throw away a useless item there. 

If you invest the time, effort and implement the tips mentioned above, you can make your basement spick and span like your living space. 

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