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Law enforcement agencies warn of scam using Facebook Messenger


Scam Alert:

According to multiple law enforcement agencies across the US, scammers are sending messages via fake or hacked accounts on social media and suggesting residents should apply for Workers and Youth, Retired, Old, and Disabled Compensation Appeal Board Federal Government Trust Fund (WRCAB).

Residents who have received phone calls or Facebook messenger texts, state that scammers are promising to provide large cash payouts, but ask for gift cards or wire transfers of money orders in order to complete the application process.

One resident in Apopka had her Facebook messenger hacked and messages were sent to some on her friends list. The messages started with a general "Hello" at 1:30am... then later "How are you doing?"... which led to "Have you heard the news?"... and increased from there to inviting the friend to check out a website, make a call, text... leading to more involvement. Thankfully her family and friends shared what was going on and she was able to get it resolved before any more serious damage was done.

Law enforcement agencies are reminding residents that no legitimate government or private organization that provides benefits or services asks for payments upfront in order to provide benefits.

If you are unsure if you are involved in a scam, contact the police department before sending money.

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