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Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?


Axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular and attracts absolute beginners as well as hardcore adepts. You already want more than a casual party with friends and try serious axe throwing bouts where people compete according to the rules. Whether you are a debutante or a pro in extreme ax throwing, the staff will welcome you with open arms and guide you through the throwing art like the Vikings did. New challenges, friendly atmosphere, fun games, battles, incredible drive - this hobby will definitely appeal to all fans of various active games.

Basic Axe Throwing Safety

In order for the entertainment to be safe, you need to follow standards in terms of rules that regulate the norms of behavior, safety standards, the order of the game process:

  • your place is fenced with a net, which is checked for safety;
  • you agree to be instructed and familiarized with the rules of behavior and safety before receiving the instrument;
  • you are not allowed to move around the site while the axe is flying;
  • it is advisable to warm up your muscles with a warm-up exercise;
  • at the moment of the game it is necessary to look in the direction of movement so that there is a chance to dodge;
  • the player is not allowed to take the projectile outside the designated throwing arenas;
  • we have the right to refuse to visit the club if the client demonstrates aggressive behavior or may harm himself or other guests by his actions;
  • it is your responsibility to return the equipment in good condition after your time is up.

Instruction takes a few minutes, after that you start improving your skills without delay. But there are times when it's one shot from theory to your first bullseye. Within the first fifteen minutes you are already confidently driving axes into the target.

It doesn't matter whether you are a participant or remain just a spectator - you will get a thrill. Enjoy the drive while having fun and relaxing with friends. This is an experience like no other.

Built for Success

To ensure that your target hits are effective, learn throwing techniques. This will not only greatly improve your results, but also give you a chance to avoid injuries such as sprains or strains.

We provide instructors who will teach you how to throw skillfully. After all, they are true masters who will help you hit the target in three times, or even less.

In the first minutes of the class you will learn how to hold the gun correctly, learn the basics of technique and make your first successful throws.

Throwing Axes with Confidence

We can all say we plan to climb Everest, but doing it is a different matter. Favoritism is not just about first places, it's also about inner drive, it's what gives you the frenetic pleasure of hitting a mark. Sometimes you need so little to be happy. Anyone can throw an axe, and these feelings are incomparable!

Axe-idents are Rare

Our axes are unique both for beginners who are just trying their hand at throwing and for skilled performers. The blades are balanced, well-proportioned, aerodynamic, well-shaped to hit the target with minimum effort; suitable for all kinds of targets, at the same time lumber is not damaged during throwing High-quality tool with excellent cutting properties, which is ideal for competition.

So… Axe Throwing is Safe?

What are the rules of the game? Is it safe? Are you sure? Will there be a briefing?

Don't worry if you've never played and have lots of questions. All these and many other questions will be answered by our instructors, who will be with you throughout the game.

An unforgettable spectacle, an exciting activity that provides an opportunity to test your abilities, power and marksmanship. Regardless of your experience or age, this activity provides an opportunity to get a lasting impression and feel like a real warrior.

We provide everything needed for safety, teach you techniques and are here to help you throughout. Once you have mastered the basics, our instructor will offer you numerous tricks and help you simplify the game so that everyone in your group is a first-class winner.

Relieving stress the right way! We've got crazy fun!

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