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How To Tone Up Your Skin After Major Weight Loss


Losing weight means daily exercise, hard work and consistency. It is a journey filled with challenges which is why it is widely considered an achievement when you reach your desired weight loss goal. But what happens to your body when you reach your goal, and how do you firm up those loose areas to get the body of your dreams? An amazing thing about the human body is it adapts to change naturally, even if it takes a long time. However, when you lose a lot of weight, you will likely have loose skin hanging around on all parts of your body, which can seriously affect your self-image. With studies showing that about 32% of people lose weight to improve their self-esteem, you wouldn't want your efforts to have the opposite effect. Here are some tips to boost your confidence even further after losing weight and drop that unwanted skin.

Get into muscle-building

Building muscle is one of the best ways to get rid of excess skin. Like most people, you likely lost weight by doing high-cardio workouts and going on a calorie-deficient diet. While this method helps you lose weight, you also lose your muscles along with the fat. This creates that saggy skin effect or look. 

However, it's never too late to tone up your excess skin. You can get into more resistance-based exercise movements to help you build your muscles while burning more fat. These exercises are also a great way to tone up your physique. They include squats, deadlifts, and lifting heavy weights. Start slowly, eventually increasing your rep count as you get more comfortable. You will start to see changes in your body if you remain consistent. 

Exfoliate & moisturize regularly

Many skincare experts recommend regular skin exfoliation because it supports blood circulation and removes dead skin cells, which supports skin production. Exfoliators that contain caffeine are known to be more effective when stimulating blood flow. Most importantly, they can also help in reducing cellulite in your body. Consider using an exfoliating body scrub when taking a shower or bath. 

It's crucial that you also moisturize your skin after exfoliating. Failing to do so will cause your skin to dry out. You can hydrate your skin in several ways, including drinking water and using moisturizing creams filled with natural oils and collagen to tighten the skin. Natural oils like olive, almond, or coconut oil work excellently against the formation of stretch marks on the skin, which can multiply after losing a significant amount of weight. 

Consider plastic surgery

Losing weight improves your health and well-being. Weight loss is essential in reversing many health conditions, such as diabetes, PCOS, and sleep apnea. But sometimes, you need more than weight loss to get the body of your dreams to boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. The excess skin resulting from your new weight is sometimes prone to developing some skin conditions like rashes or fungal infections. One of the best ways to get rid of that skin is by having your body surgically contoured, so keep this in mind. You can get a tummy tuck, breast lift, facelift, or skinny bbl surgery, where the excess skin and fat can be transferred to your buttocks to round it out and give your body the shape you desire. 

Before you consider going under the knife, you must ensure that you speak to your doctor. This is because some candidates may have underlying medical conditions that can obstruct full healing and slow down your recovery. It's also better to have been at your ideal weight for at least a couple of months before deciding to do surgery. Getting plastic surgery also doesn't mean you should discontinue your healthy lifestyle. Plastic surgery usually gets a bad rap, but it is one of the fastest ways to get rid of excess skin. All you have to do is ensure that you seek the right medical advice. 

Go back to your fitness & diet plans

When creating a fitness/diet plan, your decisions must reflect your long-term health. That's why many fitness and health experts encourage people to lose weight at a comfortable pace. Losing a significant weight during a short time can be bad for your body and cause stress to your internal organs. It might be time to revisit your plans when you lose weight. Now that you're at your desired weight, your goal should be to maintain that weight and not lose or gain more. Continue to eat healthy meals and switch out your weight loss exercise routines for ones designed to tone your body. It would be best if you remembered to continue exercising regularly. Just because you've reached your desired goal doesn't mean you should stop. Continuous exercising will contribute to toning your skin and improve blood flow in your body. 

Don't use sunbeds to tan

 Sunbeds are a great way to get a quick tan without spending hours in the sun, risking sunburn. It's also good for covering those imperfections, but it can ultimately harm your skin thanks to its ultraviolet light. Regularly using a sunbed can cause your skin to look older than it is and appear wrinkled and leathery. The frequent usage of sunbeds can also severely damage your skin and leave you prone to developing skin cancers such as melanoma, which can be fatal when detected late. It's always better to get a spray tan. Most new spray tans on the market can last as long as a week and wouldn't damage your skin. 

The most important thing in toning up your skin when you lose weight is that you remain proud and happy about your achievement. Instead of seeing loose skin as a threat or an obstacle to having your dream body, why not view it as more of a natural phenomenon and find healthy ways to handle it? Thankfully, these tips will help you find the best method for firming up your skin and body.

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