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How to Stay Safe When Playing Online Games


No matter what type of online games you and your children play, whether you enjoy simple single-player platforms or vast multiplayer RPGs, safe gaming must be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Should you forget to safeguard yourself and your family in this instance, any number of dangers could befall you.

Know the risks

If you’re to truly remain safe while playing online games, you need to be aware of the risks that you face.

Here are just some of the online gaming risks that both you and your children should be aware of:

  • Not all the other players that your children engage with online won’t be their age or nice to them
  • Some ‘gamers’ will have a motive for playing games — they will join gaming lobbies just to spread hate messages or to groom vulnerable co-players
  • Some games will display content that offends or upsets you

If you suspect that you or your kids are in danger of being impacted by any of these risks, you should seriously consider rethinking your online safety strategy.

Invest in endpoint security

Are you serious about your gaming? If so, you also need to get serious when it comes to protecting yourself when you play online games. One way to do this to invest in McAfee endpoint security. This advanced security solution will allow you to safeguard a number of your gaming devices at one time, it will detect potential threats before they become full-blown attacks, it will provide you with proactive web security to ensure that your kids aren’t accessing anything they shouldn’t, and it will integrate an optimized firewall to ensure that hostile network attacks are blocked at all times.

Turn on your privacy settings

The games that you play should allow you to toggle your own personal privacy settings. To remain safe against all of the threats that you face when you jump online, you should be sure to turn on your privacy settings. This will hide your profile from external forces, and it will give you more control over who can/cannot get into contact with you.

Don’t be afraid to block or report

If another gamer ever makes you or your children feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to block or report them. Only when you take such action can you be sure that you are never going to come across this particular gamer ever again.

Keep your private information safe

As stated, people that play online games aren’t always who they claim to be. For all you know, you could be playing with someone that is only interested in accruing personal information from you so that they can hack into your accounts and steal your financial data. If you don’t fancy being the victim of fraud or theft any time soon, you need to ensure that you and your kids keep your private information safe whenever you play online games with other people.

Take the above advice and you’ll be able to protect yourself against all of the potential dangers that are associated with online gaming.

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