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How to Make Different Types of Ribbon Trims


Ribbon trims are beautiful, elegant, and best of all, easy to make

A well-made ribbon trim can mean the difference between a great arts and crafts project and a beautiful arts and crafts project. When done right, a ribbon trim brings a touch of class and elegance, not to mention a signal to people just how awesome you are at arts and crafts. And the best part: those complicated ribbon trims aren't actually that complicated, with many of them requiring just a ribbon and a whole lot of patience. Here are some ribbon trims that you can try at home:

Zigzag Ribbon Trim

One of the simplest trims you can make, a zigzag trim is made by simply folding a ribbon one way and then making the next fold perpendicular to the previous one. Repeat this until you have a gorgeous zigzag pattern. Secure the folds in places with stitches.

Braided Ribbon Trim

This is a little more complicated than a zigzag trim to make. But it is easy enough if you know how to braid hair. A braided ribbon trim makes your project look fancy without actually needing much else. To make a braided ribbon trim, take three different types of ribbons and separate them into threads by laying them next to each other.

Then braid them by taking the left-most string and crossing it over the middle one so that the left-most string is now the middle string. After that, take the right-most string and cross it over the middle one so that it is now the middle string. Repeat until you have a beautifully long braid. Again, secure the ribbons at each meeting point to avoid them going loose.

Box-pleated Ribbon Trim

Box pleats require a bit of work, but if you pull them off, they will look like an expensive, store-bought product made by a machine. To make box pleats, take two pieces of ribbon and fold them away from each other in opposite directions. Repeat until you have a box-pleated ribbon long enough to manipulate into shapes.

Flower Ribbon Trim

Arguably one of the most beautiful types of ribbon trims that you can make, a flower ribbon trim requires a ribbon that's been box-pleated. Once you're finished making your box-pleated ribbon trim, take the top and bottom edges of the ribbon together and pinch them toward the center. Tack it in place to secure and complete its "flower" shape-use a nice beaded pin or brooch for an extra beautiful and subtle detail.

Ruched Ribbon Trim

"Ruche" is a French word that describes a piece of cloth or ribbon that's been folded or gathered. Ruching something means to gather, pleat, and fold a piece of fabric, cloth, or ribbon repeatedly until it forms an embellishment.

First, make loose, running stitches across the ribbon in a zigzag form if your ribbon is plain. But if your ribbon has embellished borders, you can simply ruch it in the middle with a stitch. Once you have your running stitch, make a gathering stitch across the running stitch and start gently gathering your ribbon to the center.

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