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How To Feel A Whole Lot Better About Yourself


By Allen Brown

Happiness and self-worth are two very important - some would even say the most important - feelings one can have. They, and similar emotions and thoughts, reflect how we face the world and ourselves. If there ever was a question that is so crucial to so many people in this world, it would be - “How do you feel about yourself?”

This kind of introspective is often difficult to tackle, as many people will instinctively tell you 'they are fine'. However, when asked more thoroughly, they frequently admit that there are many things about themselves that they are unhappy with. This age-old problem has at various times made us mad, confused, and sad. But it has also offered us a chance to better ourselves and find ways to achieve inner peace and self-contentment, something we will cover in the sections below.

Are You Healthy?

Few things can make us as uneasy as bad health. Aching teeth, sprained ankles, stomach problems, or something even worse, can all make us fondly remember a time when we were still in good health, and took it for granted. But when we stop to think of it, is one's health, or the condition of our bodies, the most important factor for happiness? It may not be, but it sure can go a long way toward feeling better about ourselves.

Making sure you are healthy can be easier than you may think, and the payoff is great. Having a proper diet and exercising regularly are enough for you to start feeling better about yourself, but to feel considerably more positive you might consider dedicating a year to giving your all and getting into top shape. It will not only boost your own self-value, but can have a positive affect on how others perceive you as well.

Studying the Subject

There isn’t a single science that covers this topic, but many scholarly fields have their say about health and well-being. Studying the importance of self concept and self esteem can give us insight into how we perceive ourselves and how we can change negative thoughts. Self-concept is what you think about yourself, while self-esteem is how you regard and respect yourself.

Psychologists suggest that there are two factors that affect the development of one’s self-concept: existential self and categorical self. These two aspects follow us through our life and development and must be in harmony if we want to have a realistic and healthy image of ourselves. Doing some research on these concepts will increase your knowledge and open ways to address key areas for your own self-identity.

Nobody’s Perfect

Recognizing your flaws and mistakes, and accepting them, is a very important step everyone needs to make when growing up. Imagining that you are, or must be perfect, even in this obviously imperfect world of ours, can only lead to delusion and, later to self-doubt and resentment.

It's important for everyone to take stock of where they are in this and realize that not only are we not perfect, but neither is anyone else. Putting yourself on a pedestal of perfection can cause us to come in conflict with those who see us as we really are, while idolizing others can also cause problems with our own self-esteem if we begin thinking we are not as good as them. As you start realizing and viewing the world, and others, as far more complex rather than either "perfect" or "awful", you will inevitably feel better about yourself and your unique place in it as well.

Social Circles and You

A close group of friends can do wonders for one’s well-being. As we are social animals it is only natural for us to form "packs" and "clans" and have close companions we can trust. It has been proven time and again that no matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, everyone likes having friends; we just differ in how we enjoy our time with them.

Pay attention to your social circles and make sure that you have dear and honest people by your side that only wish the best for you. Joyfulness and self-content are bound to follow.

Staying in Touch with Nature

Losing contact with our natural surroundings is troubling, but an expected outcome from building a modern society. Yet, perhaps it is because of our being apart of this same modern society that we do indeed crave forests and pastures, looking forward to going out of our concrete jungles and into green landscapes. It soothes us, brightens us, and makes us feel better for a short while.

Some outdoor activities are fantastic for our mental health, as they improve our confidence and self-esteem, reduce feelings of stress and anger, help us be more active, and so much more. Going for walks in nearby nature during the weekends is recommended to everyone who has the ability and free time to do it. Such activities strengthen our leg muscles and loosen our spirits, all that's needed, physically and emotionally, for a better overall mood.

It is of utmost importance that we learn to feel good about ourselves. Making your life more pleasant starts first by taking stock of yourself - are you happy, self-content, and healthy in mind, body and spirit? Whatever the answer, know that you can, and will improve over time as you set your mind to it, and you will grow to become that better, happier and fulfilled person you want to be.

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