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How to Buy a Ring Like a Pro


Tips to help you make the right decisions

Tis the season to gift that someone special in your life with a piece of jewelry. And whether you are buying a ring that is in stock or looking to have it custom-made , there are a few things you need to know before you visit the jewelry store.

We are here to help with the anatomy of a ring. Yes, rings have a certain structure to them, from the shank to the gallery, we’ve got you covered on just the right vernacular to make you sound like a pro.

Head- The head or some may refer to it as the basket, holds the center stone. There are different styles which include prong, bezel, tension, and more.

Gallery– Visible from either side view is the gallery located just underneath the stone. As with the ring below, it is very simple but ring designs can also be more intricate and ornate.

Shoulder– On the side of the ring located next to the gallery is the shoulder. This is often referred to when talking about the placement of side stones or the thickness.

Shank– Most will refer to this as the band. The bottom portion of the shank is the sizing area where you can custom size your ring. It is also a popular area to add a personalized engraved message or date.

Halo- Most recently, a popular style of design is the Halo. It is a small band of diamonds around the center stone. Halos can come is different sizes and styles.




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