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Faith and Inspiration

Have you ever considered the miracle... of you?


Think about it for a moment.

You are a miracle.

What do I mean by that?

Well, when you consider it there are a lot of people on planet earth.  What do I mean by a lot?  How about in excess of seven billion and counting!   I believe you will agree that is a lot of zeros, nine of them to be exact and the population is growing exponentially all the time.

Here I am crowding the ninety-year mark and in my lifetime the world population has increased by over five billion souls and no two of us are the same.

Yep, as different as fingerprints and snowflakes we are that different!

Take food for instance.

Some of us like sweet, some like sour, and then there are those that like sweet and sour.

Some of us think we are good, most of us aren’t nearly as good as we think we are, and then some of us don’t think.

What my point here is this, we are all different.

Some folks cry, and whimper and whine in a spring shower, others laugh in the eye of the storm. 

Sometimes we act like we believe we have reached the apogee, or the highest point of our existence, and yet by the very fact that we are still squeaking along should convince us that God is not through with us by a long shot.

Take love for instance; I love my wife, and in spite of the fact she is somewhat diminished with Alzheimer’s disease I like to think that she loves me.

I guess this is what I am speaking of when I call it a miracle.

I don’t believe I deserve her love, and I know I don’t deserve God’s love, but that love is real, you can count on it!

Dear merciful God, hold each of us close.  Let us each feel your presence.  Thank you O Holy One, in Jesus’ wonderful name we ask it, Amen

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