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Get the most from your new TV purchase


By Michael Hart

There’s never been so much choice for purchasing a new TV – but while the choices are phenomenal, it’s become something of a tricky task to make the right decision. With so many models and features, and with the technology advancing all the time, it’s important to make the right choice.

This article aims to make that task a little easier, and hopefully help guide you to the right choice of TV for you and your family.

Size matters

The best modern TVs are getting thinner, and the screens bigger. One of the most important aspects of choosing a new TV is screen size, and the right choice can make a great centerpiece to a family room. A 40 inch TV is a great starting point for the standard living room, while larger rooms will obviously benefit from a slightly bigger version.

Get set

Most modern Smart TVs come with built-in wall-mounting capabilities, so make sure your choice has this as it has distinct advantages over floor stands (namely space saving and viewing experience). Another important consideration is making sure you make provision for placing devices such as games consoles or other devices within the range you need.

Display quality

Amongst all the noise, specs and clutter, there are actually only two types of display technology in current TVs: LED and OLED. While these can be confusing, put simply, LEDs do not produce their own backlight, and are the cheaper option. OLED produces its own backlight for each pixel and produce deeper blacks, and stronger color contrast. They are also thinner than LED models, but come at a higher cost.

Now listen carefully…

All modern Smart TVs have built-in speakers – but if you’re looking for a cutting edge sound experience, connect a soundbar to really enhance things to the next level.


A lot of Smart TVs on sale nowadays are labelled as Smart-TVs, but it’s important to do your homework before making your choice. We’ve outlined some of the main things to look for when making your purchase, and hopefully equipped you to make more of an informed decision when making your choice of Smart TV.

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