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Follow These Tips for Christmas Demolition


Every Christmas we pull out our decorations decking the halls, but now the time has come to put away the decorations for another eleven months. We have a few tips and tricks to keep your decorations organized until next year.

We discovered a clever way to store your wrapping paper until next year. Just use a hanging garment bag, perhaps one that you received from a store, add your rolls of paper and hang the bag in the attic until next year.

Here is another great use for your garment bag. Store your wreath inside and also hang it in the attic. The garment bag will keep it free from dust and hanging it will keep it from getting out of shape.

Christmas lights are a major headache when left in a pile to detangle. Instead, grab a piece of cardboard and wind your lights around the cardboard. One less stress for decorating in 2016.

Wine boxes are a great way to store ornaments. The heavy duty cardboard will protect your ornaments and provide dividers. Be sure to wrap breakable ornaments in bubble wrap or tissue paper. Also, when putting away your ornaments, discard the broken ones unless it is a family heirloom that you will have repaired.

One of the best part of the holidays are the Christmas cards from friends and family. If you hate the idea of throwing all of the cards away, take a picture and store it on your computer for reference for next year.

If you are tight on space for storing your holiday dishes, pack them away in a cardboard box. Be sure to line the box with newspaper or bubble wrap. Be sure to place a sheet of bubble wrap between each dish. Inspect each dish as you store it away for chips or cracks. Repair those dishes you plan to keep or discard them.

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