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Elevate Your Living Room Experience With These 9 Minimalistic Design Tips


If you prefer simplicity over a maximalist room look, you might think setting up a comfortable living space is near-impossible. But minimalism doesn't mean achieving a sterile or boring look. Creating a Scandi-inspired living space that feels serene and warm is simple, by infusing the right color and texture. We have compiled nine ways to elevate your minimalist living room without compromising style. Take a look. 

Add some color

The first thing people do when trying to add some style to their space is reaching for the paintbrush. While a few splashes of bright color can go a long way in making your living room feel more welcoming, you mustn't overdo it. Choose just one or two accent shades to inject some life into your room, using them sparingly on walls or furniture. If you're feeling really bold, try painting one entire wall in your chosen hue for a striking focal point.

Invest in contemporary furniture

When choosing furniture for your minimalist living room, opt for pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Look for sofas and chairs with clean lines and simple silhouettes, then accessorize with a few colorful throw pillows or blankets to add some extra flair. Anima Domus has a great collection.

Layer up textures and materials

One of the benefits of minimalism is that it allows you to really play around with different textures and materials. From plush velvet sofas to statement marble coffee tables, there are endless ways to add some extra interest to your space. When layering different materials, be sure to stick to a similar color palette so that your room doesn't look too busy.

Bring the outside in

From installing large potted plants to a vase of fresh flowers, keeping your living room looking fresh and vibrant has never been easier. Add a natural touch by bringing in the outside elements.

Invest in statement lighting

When it comes to creating a relaxing ambiance, lighting is key. Choose one or two statement pieces for the focal point of your room, like a floor lamp with an interesting base or a chic chandelier. Then add some softer light sources around the room to create a warm and inviting glow.

Incorporate natural elements

Minimalism doesn't have to mean cold and impersonal. Adding some natural elements to your space will make it feel more welcoming and homely. Try incorporating wood accents, stone finishes, or even metal details to give your room a luxe yet organic feel.

Keep it simple

Less is more with the minimalistic approach. When it comes to furniture, choose a few key pieces that will serve multiple purposes, like a sofa or coffee table that also doubles as storage. Then focus on making your walls and floors look as great as possible.

Focus on functionality

While you want to create an inviting and welcoming space, it's important not to forget about the functional elements of your living room too. Make sure there are enough power outlets for all your devices and consider investing in a comfy chair or sofa to create a space where you can comfortably snuggle up with your favorite book or movie.

Add ambiance with smart technology

Smart lighting is quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends in home design, thanks to its ability to adjust your living room's mood automatically. By incorporating smart tech throughout your space, you'll be able to create the perfect atmosphere every time you step inside.

Final word

Sprucing up your living room's looks and functionality doesn't have to be overwhelming. With a little imagination and following the tips mentioned above, you can easily turn your space into the ultimate minimalist haven.


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