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Effect of Stress on Your workouts - Insights for Enthusiasts



By Bailey Merton

Everyone is bound to suffer from anxiety, panic, nervousness, or any other compound of stress at some point in life. When profound stress is ignored or not responded to accordingly, it may affect one’s life negatively, especially if you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast.

As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, concentration and endurance are key in every activity that you do. However, these can be affected when you are stressed and your mind is elsewhere, forcing you not to concentrate and perform fully when working out. Therefore, it is good to find a suitable solution to stress management. With that in mind, let us look at the effects of stress on your workout with some insights for enthusiasts.

Prevents You from Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals

When you exercise regularly, your entire body - from your heart to your muscles - gets used to the routine. Hence, it becomes easy for you to succeed in your fitness goals. When you are overstressed, your mind starts to think out of the box, hence pushing you to think negatively about exercising and your fitness goals. Within no time, you will start to think that your body has failed you and eventually you’ll neglect your fitness goals.

Increases Your Chances of Getting Injured

According to fitness experts, being stressed while exercising can lead to tremendous injuries. When you are too nervous, you are probably not concentrating fully on your exercise, which, when you think of it, may cause serious accidents. Stress may also lead to muscle tension, causing injuries or even making existing pain and acne much worse.

Prevents Weight Loss

Being stressed means that your cortisol hormones are high, meaning your insulin levels are also high, making you crave carbohydrates. On top of that, it slows down your metabolism process, which makes it hard for you to lose weight and gain muscles. You may think you can rectify this by exercising a lot, but once you have started craving sugary foods, your fitness journey might just end there.

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Throws You Off Your Fitness Game

One of the things that may never cross your mind when you're over-stressed is exercising. You are more likely to idle around on your sofa watching TV or sleeping. This decreases your chances of getting fit, so it is advisable to stick to your fitness routine when stressed or at least do a bit of exercise. Walking or cycling will help clear your mind and promote your fitness goals.


If stress is not managed quickly and in the right way, it may affect your fitness performance and concentration as a fitness enthusiast. Therefore, it is best if you pay attention to the things that trigger stress in your life and find a possible way to avoid them. You can also alternate to other daily exercises such as walking which will help clear your mind and manage your stress effectively.

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