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During a difficult period, Wheatley Elementary gives the community a reason to smile


There are few greater sounds than that of children's laughter. It is a kind of gift that signifies trust, joy, and the type of detachment from the troubles of the world that allows children to simply play without fear or worries. And nothing reminded us of this more than the recent massacre of 19 children at an elementary school in Texas.

That is why the Wheatley Elementary Community Carnival, held on May 21st, may have just been one of the most important events in Apopka this year. As we see stories of war, inflation, historical high gas prices, empty grocery store shelves, and school shootings, we must recognize the anxiety it may cause children.

Understanding this, the Wheatley Parent-Teacher Association wanted to give the Apopka community the gift of children's laughter as the school year ends.

"Our amazing, incomparable PTA decided at one of our planning meetings that we wanted to do something large after testing to bring the community together," Wheatley Elementary Principal Lukeshia Miller said when asked to explain how the event came to fruition.

The Parent-Teacher Association at Wheatley Elementary, under the leadership of Miller, and PTA President, Othellus Swift, understands the importance of educating Apopka's next generation to be ready to tackle and solve the world's problems. The PTA also understands the importance of children's laughter and what it signifies.

"It just shows that we can come together as a community and that there is power in us coming together," said PTA member Antonia Williams about the event.

Several members of the community, including the South Apopka Ministerial Alliance, Apopka Christian Alliance, St. Paul AME Church, and LET'S TALK NATION hosts Rod Love, and Greg Jackson, sponsored the event.

In the future, Wheatley Elementary plans to host more community events through its staff and PTA, and with those events, Apopka will enjoy the gift of children's laughter for years to come.

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