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Donna’s Deals: How to Get Free Starbucks


Some days you need a little extra boost of caffeine. On your next visit to Starbucks, you can get a free refill as long as you stay in the cafe. Personally, I had no idea that Starbucks offered free refills until recently so I thought we would share Starbucks policy which was recently updated in December 2016.

Below is the policy stated on the Starbucks website.



If you notice on the list, is the relatively new drink – Cold Brew, an iced coffee that is brewed for 20 hours and is made with cold water and coarsely ground beans.

It’s worth noting that your original drink does not have to be coffee or tea. Your first drink could be a mocha, but your free refill could be hot coffee. Sorry, no mocha or latte free refills.

For the Starbucks locations with the Clover-brewed system, the refill policy doesn’t apply to those single brewed cups of coffee.

Here is some clarification on iced tea refill. If you want an iced tea refill, you must choose from one of the following: Iced Passion Tango Tea, Iced Black Tea, or Iced Green Tea.

Please keep in mind that you can only receive a refill after you’ve consumed your first drink and you must remain in the store to take advantage of the policy. Drive-thru orders do not apply to the refill system.

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