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Does It Makes Sense To Get The Windows And Brampton Replaced Before Selling My Home?


By Iveta Bern

When you ask many homeowners in Brampton, they will tell you that they would like to replace their windows and doors Brampton before putting their property in the market. However, how viable is this idea? Is it worth your coins? Remember that the replacement project comes at a cost. As such you should identify the kind of replacements you want to carry out and choose the ones that the buyer of your property will deal with. So, to get a precise answer to our query, actually the debate narrows down to reasons why those replacements are needed in the first place.

First, you ought to have a concrete reasons why you should go on with your project. One such reasons is to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. By getting rid of older windows, you will realize a drastic fall in your energy consumption and that will be seen in the reduction of your energy utility bills. So, we know all buyers are looking for homes that will not cost them a lot on energy consumption. That could be the reason you want to go on with this project. If you decide so, ensure sure you get the windows from a reputable Brampton company.

Cost of Replacement Windows

Homeowners usually want windows and doors that will help them save some bucks. So, to know whether it is worth replacing your windows and doors Brampton, you need to check at the cost and the savings. The window replacement cost depends more on the design and number of windows you want to install.

Be ready to pay for at least $500 for standard Brampton windows, including the installation charges. However, if you are planning to install wood windows, be ready to part with as high as $800.

Another thing you need to know is the different types of window installation. Full frame window installation will cost you more than the retro-fit window installation. This is because in full-frame window installation, all the window components, including the frame, has to be removed and the opening rectified. So, this will attract another $100 for each window. Remember, this is for a single unit. So if you have a standard home with approximately ten windows in total, the total cost of replacing your windows will range between $7500-$10000. [Check here if you're looking for installation and windows Bristol.]

Potential Savings

It is estimated that by carrying out windows and doors Brampton replacement, you can save as high as 15% on your monthly energy utility bills. That implies, if your monthly energy bill is $100 and you install new energy-efficient windows, your monthly energy utility bills will be reduced by $15 to $85 per month. This will translate to a yearly saving of $180.

Even if you spend around $7000 on replacement of your windows, which is the lowest you can spend on your Brampton windows replacement, that means it will take you more than thirty years to get ROI on your windows.

The Verdict

Based on the discussions supported by the calculations above, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to replace your windows and doors Brampton before selling your property. The cost, as we have seen above, is extravagant, and the return on the investment doesn't tally with the investments on such windows. In addition, those windows are likely to depreciate before you get a buyer to purchase your home.

However, you can still go for smaller window units that can help improve the aesthetics of your home and raise its value. They can also make them energy efficient without putting so much money on the renovations using bigger windows.

Other things you can do to make your home more desirable to potential buyers are like calking any spots or cracks on the walls using a fresh caulk. Cleaning and fixing bathtubs in your bathroom. You can also do some minor renovations in your kitchen. Clean the lime chime stuck on the walls and the switches.

You may also revamp your landscape to make it more appealing. These are minor improvements that you can accomplish without breaking your bank. In turn, you will see higher returns on investment by spending so little to upgrade your home.

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