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Apopka City Council

Developing Story: Agenda item to rescind censure of Mayor Nelson dies without a vote


The Apopka City Council, at its June 19th meeting, was unable to rescind a 2023 censure of Mayor Bryan Nelson. After considerable deliberations, the item was unable to gain a motion from a Council member and therefore died on the dais without a vote.

But before the motion died, Commissioner Alexander Smith recused himself from the vote because he did not attend the August 2023 meeting or vote in the initial censure, and Commissioner Nadia Anderson, who was not on Council in 2023, made a motion to table the issue until the next meeting, but the motion did not receive a Council member's second and it too died without a vote.

The censure passed by a 3-1 vote in August 2023, with Commissioner Kyle Becker, Nick Nesta, and Diane Velazquez voting in favor, while Nelson voted against.

According to the agenda packet for the meeting, an item titled "Rescinding the censure of Mayor Nelson" .
In the Staff Summary, it states:
"The Commission on Ethics sent a letter dated October 26, 2023, to Mayor Bryan Nelson that a complaint was filed by Kelley Butcher regarding the Mayor. Attached to the correspondence was a copy of Ms. Butcher’s complaint which also mentioned and included a copy of Mayor Nelson’s censure by City Council over statements he made about Attorney Rodriguez’s employment status.
The Commission on Ethics met on June 7, 2024, and adopted the Advocate’s Recommendation of “no probable cause” and dismissed the complaint filed against Mayor Nelson. Mayor Nelson is requesting that Resolution No. 2023-20 concerning his censure be rescinded considering the Commission on Ethics’ decision."
Before the rescinded censure vote, Council voted 3-2 in favor of reimbursing Nelson's attorney fees for his defense of an ethics complaint.
According to the summary in the agenda packet:
The Commission on Ethics sent a letter dated October 26, 2023, to Mayor Bryan Nelson that a complaint hadbeen filed against him by Kelley Butcher. The letter explained that the complaint would be preliminarily reviewed by the agency to determine whether the allegations were legally sufficient and whether any possible violations of law had been sufficiently alleged. Attached to the correspondence was a copy of Ms. Butcher’s complaint which listed accusations regarding the handling of Attorney Michael Rodriquez’s employment status and City’s use of resources for the Next Step Foundation. The complaint also included a reference to Mayor Nelson’s censure by City Council concerning Attorney Rodriguez’s employment status. The Commission on Ethics met on June 7, 2024, and adopted the advocate’s recommendation of “no probable cause” and dismissed the complaint filed against Mayor Nelson. Attorney Mark Herron from law firm Messer Caparello represented Mayor Nelson during the proceedings. The complaint was filed against Mayor Nelson acting in his official capacity and the complaint was dismissed. As such, Mayor Nelson is requesting the City reimburse his legal fees in the amount of $1,527.50.
Anderson, Nelson and Smith voted in favor of Nelson's reimbursement, while Nesta and Velazquez voted against.
This is a breaking and developing story and will be updated in a future edition of The Apopka Voice.
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  • MamaMia

    Reggie, What goes with your news reporting? I know I am not crazy, but I saw your article, and it had the headlines that the censure of Mayor Nelson was rescinded by a 3-2 vote, but I thought, no, that wasn't what I heard while listening to the audio of the council meeting. It should have been rescinded, because it was a "nothing burger" created by a sour grapes commissioner who lost the mayor election, and left, as is no longer on the city council. Just dirty politics. Adios amigo. These two other amigo commissioners, have let Mr. Sour Grapes ruin their own common sense. What a shame, they still can't think for themselves, and move on, for the good of the city. Very sad indeed. Reggie, did you have that article prewritten, guessing it would be a 3-2 vote? I know I saw the headline, but could not view the article. LOL. Did you pull it off, as I do not see it now? I was having a hard time getting the council meeting up on my cell phone, and the video kept pausing, and I have been having some poor service with my phone. I have wanted to throw it in the garbage! So frustrating! I didn't get in on the start either. Will try again sometime tomorrow.

    Thursday, June 20 Report this

  • MamaMia

    I'm very thankful of the 3-2 vote to reimburse Mayor Nelson of his money he had to defend himself with, by hiring an attorney. The ethics complaint showed no probable cause, and was dismissed. It was only rightful to reimburse him. So, we have two perfect amigo commissioners who consider theirselves perfect, and without flaws. You both voted to fire the former city attorney, knowing fully well, you all DID NOT HAVE THAT AUTHORiTY, but you all three let your hate for Mayor Nelson dictate your actions. That council meeting last night, was deplorable! Commissioner Velazquez butting in, being rude to Mayor Nelson, and attempting to stop him from speaking, or trying to talk over him, during his statement!Commissioner Nesta bullying Commissioner Anderson, about being a wife, a mother, a business owner, and his question to her, bullying her, and verbally attacking her! She stood her ground, and said that had nothing to do with the subject at hand, of her being a wife, a mother, and a business owner. I call for Nick Nesta to resign his commission seat, ASAP, for his bullying, and verbal attack of another city commissioner, at our city council meeting last night! We citizens, don't need that type of representation by him!

    Thursday, June 20 Report this