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Consider These 4 Factors in Choosing a Career to Pursue


When it comes to choosing a career, there are many things to consider. You may be tempted to choose the first career that comes along, or the one your parents want for you. But that’s not always the best decision. Here are four factors you should consider before making your final decision.

1) How much money you will make

Although this might not be your first consideration, it can't hurt to think about how much money you could make as a professional in the chosen field. You can make a lot of money doing almost anything, but it may not be worth the amount of time and effort needed to achieve this goal. Ask yourself what the highest paying jobs with bachelor degree are. This may give you an idea of what to shoot for as well as what you can expect.

2) Your aptitudes and capabilities

What do you excel in? What are your core abilities and skills? When it comes to choosing a career, you need to focus on what you are good at rather than on what interests you. For example, if your favorite thing is reading books but you discover that the only way to get good grades in school is by writing essays, then writing essays might be the best career for you. Your capabilities and your interests need to match up!

3) The job market

Make sure that there are jobs available for this career before you make your final decision. If you complete all of the necessary schooling but the market isn't accepting new workers, then it will be difficult to find a job. [Job trends are constantly changing. On-demand medical, technology, or crypto jobs right now will not be as significant three to five years from now.] Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good guide since it shows projected growth and the number of workers for various jobs.

4) Your interests and passions

What are you passionate about? What have you always loved to do since you were a child? If it’s not already obvious, being passionate about your job can make it easier to find success, since you are more likely to put in the effort needed. It's also important that you enjoy what you do. You don't want to dread going into work each day, or else you won't be able to excel as a professional. It is important to love what you do. 

If you don’t enjoy the process, then the long hours of work will be difficult to endure. You can spend your whole career doing something that doesn't interest or excite you, and although it may provide financial security, it is not fulfilling on a personal level.

When making the decision to pursue a certain career, it is important to take all of these factors into account. The job market, your interests and passions, your abilities and skills, and how much money you could make are all important considerations. If two careers have the same earning potential but one of them would require more schooling or training, then that may be the better choice. Consider what is most important to you when making this life-changing decision!

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