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Commissioner Ruth Uses Facebook for Debate Prep


Sam Ruth Sam Ruth

This afternoon, Commissioner Sam Ruth, running for re-election to Seat #3 against Pastor Doug Bankston and Alice Nolan, took to Facebook to ask for help "defining his opponent". On his personal Facebook page, Commissioner Ruth made these remarks and asked these questions:

"Working on talking points for debate. I have my accomplishments under control. Working on defining my opponent - how's this one?"

"Says he's for the future but runs with the good 'ole boys from the past."

"Says he's for accountability but defended in a letter to the editor the lack of transparency of the board of a private trust fund he is a member of."

"My issue is he can be perceived as a great guy. He hasn't crossed the good ole boys to yet see how they truly are. So, the old guard puts up a minister who himself is deceived about their true nature to try to deceive 50% of the vote. Ideas of how to get this across are appreciated."

"You're a great guy,.... - but why are you promoted all over the good 'old boys FB pages, taking thousands of dollars from them and refusing to talk about how bad city hall was under their leadership. Talking about a future for Apopka when you still don't have a clear picture of the past - isn't a credential for public service."

Doug Bankson Doug Bankson

Ruth's candid remarks appear to be about Bankson. In a statement to The Apopka Voice, he did not distance himself or walk back any of his posts.

"I was in thought preparation trying to see how hard-hitting to be in the debate. I wanted my supporters to weigh-in prior to the debate. Their opinions matter very much to me. Everyone will know how I handle all debate issues Wednesday evening."

When asked to respond to Ruth's remarks, Bankson simply stated "I'm disappointed."




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