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City signs new storm debris removal contractor


Crowder Gulf will begin work on Monday

From the City of Apopka Public Information Office

The City of Apopka will collect storm debris Saturday as part of an expanded schedule to speed up the removal of storm debris from Hurricane Irma.

Separately, the city also today signed an agreement with Crowder Gulf – an Alabama-based disaster recovery and debris management company – to join the efforts beginning Monday. Crowder will start Monday with two additional trucks. Three more will arrive later next week, coming from as far away as California to focus on Apopka’s clean-up of an estimated 250,000 cubic yards of damaged trees, limbs and other debris piled up along local streets.

Saturday’s work by City of Apopka crews will center on the west side of the city. Next week’s work will focus on conducting multiple sweeps throughout the city to address different types and sizes of debris. Material will be transported to one of three city staging areas for disposal.

The complete removal of storm debris is expected to take several weeks.

The city conducted an emergency procurement process Friday and received three written bids. Apopka is closely following guidelines of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ensure debris is collected as quickly as possible, at the lowest available cost and to qualify for federal reimbursement of city funding.

Apopka is one of many government agencies in Florida using private collection companies to augment in-house crews to pick up storm debris. The city had previously contracted with another company, which reported on Wednesday that it would not be able to perform its services. City officials immediately initiated the process of seeking a new vendor.

Crowder Gulf will use various types of large equipment. These include claw trucks and dump trucks loaded by articulating loaders.

As a result of these large vehicles to be used for debris removal, residents are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Please make every effort to keep the street clear of parked cars when debris crews are in your area.
  • Please help to keep storm drains clear. Residents can help aid the debris collection by sweeping up loose leaves and debris after each pass.
  • Place debris between the curb and the sidewalk. Avoid placing debris in the street, near mailboxes fire hydrants, or over water mains or electric transformers or underneath power lines or cable wires.
  • Keep hurricane tree debris in its own pile.
  • Keep bagged leaves & debris, construction debris, fencing, furniture, appliances or anything else separated from hurricane tree debris piles. This will help with the disposal process.

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